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advice on fish

My friend has a 30 gallon tank and wants to set up a community of non aggressive fish that will eat insects (dont ask me why, i dont really want to know). I mentioned dwarf puffers, but she wants fish larger than an inch. she wants to keep a bristlnose pleco in with the other fish as well. any suggestions as to what fish she should get? dont worry about cycling, im coaching her through the process.
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Insectivore fish? Almost all fish will eat insects if given the chance. She's going to have to be a little more specific. Is she looking for top-swimming fish like bettas and halfbeaks? I'm thinking any fish with an upward facing mouth would be feeding on surface insects (which I'm guessing is what she means).

I'm setting up something similar and will include cardinal tetras, gourami, and kuhli loaches. I think all of those fish would eat insects if I fed it to them.


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Much would depend on what the hardness( GH) and pH of the tank is with regards to what fish might work.
You could offer her some filter material and or a cup of substrate from your tank if it has been established for a few months and this would help her to build bacterial colony(cycle) her tank a bit quicker.
Would be careful of where the insect's were gathered from indoors,or outdoor's to insure that insecticides have not been used in area's where insect's are perhap's problem.
Fish eating insect's that have been subjected to spray's ,bait trap's, could injest same insecticides or chemical's and fish death's may be possible to probable.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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