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55 gallon tank with 4 discuss

i am waiting for my 55 gallon tank to arrive this week, and i am gonna transfer my discus fish that i have in my 20 gal tank to the 55 galon tank. What fish can i put with discus besides black ghost, sucker fish, tetras, and things like that. I want nice fish but most of them dont go with discus.
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don't forget to cycle your tank first.. just a reminder..

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I would avoid any type of "sucker fish" except possibly bristlenose plecos and oto catfish. Siamese algae eaters might also work, but they don't really fit in with the biotope. Other types of "sucker fish" might bother your discus.

Choosing tankmates for discus can be tricky. You don't want anything that will bother the discus, and you need fish that will tolerate the higher temperatures at which you keep discus. Neons or cardinal tetras are usually a good choice. Rams and apistogrammas can also work well provided you have plenty of plant cover.

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i've heard many people say that pencil fish go good with discus. so do cories and rasboras.

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