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29 gallon tankmates

I have a 29 gallon tank with 4 Red eye tetras, 2 mollies, 3 yoyo loaches, 7 zebra danios, and some ghost shrimp and snails. I was wondering if I could get some Columbian Tetras and would they school well with the Red eye Tetras? If not are there any other cool schooling Tetras that would go well with the Red eyes? I am also thinking of buying some more Red eyes because i really like them .[/b]
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I wouldn't know for sure but i think they would do all right.

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All of the tetras should get along if they're the same size.
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First off, get at least 2 more red eyes. The more you have, the less nippy they'll be. If you get another species of tetra, they will not school with the red eyes. They'll school with themselves when schooling is called for. Columbians should work, but I would consider Red Phantoms, Black Phantoms, Black Widows, Emperors, or Penguins as good contrasts with the Red Eyes and Zebras.

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i have zebras, too, and i also have blue l-f danios, and most danios go well with eachother, as long as they are the same size

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