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Quarantine tanks are essential.

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Originally Posted by eaturbyfill View Post
I have an empty 10g I was saving to be a quarantine tank
That's great! Just make sure you have a cycled filter (a lot of people like to have a spare sponge filter in their main tank for just this occasion) to put in it.

As for length, well that really depends. At least two weeks after you've seen the last symptoms of disease. It would also be a great idea to feed the fish NLS Thera-A formula. It has more garlic (which is a natural anti-parasitic) than the normal formula. If you make the tank as low-stress as possible often times the fish will be able to fight off any diseases they may have had before. Have some live plants in there, too is always a great idea.


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Originally Posted by eaturbyfill View Post
Can someone help me find a 20g hood for cheap?
I have one I would be willing to give you free. It is 24 inches long. Is that the right length for you?
As for adding the fish do it slowly of one school at a time (A school is 5-6 fish for most breeds). If you are not going to get a full school of any breed then all of those fish at once say of 4 fish or less then give it at least 5 days to ensure you didn't bring any deseases. FYI quarantine tanks are great for just that purpose, and you can treat them without getting concerned about damaging your bio filter

55gallon T5 lighting 2 54w bulbs one daylight 10k, one actnic.
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Before you go any further with that you should consider spending the extra cash and getting a t5 fixture with 2 bulbs in it. You don't need high output for your tank. A daylight bulb of 10,000k or 12,000k will hav a nice affect of picking up the blue irredenseent parts of you fish while at the same time enhancing reds (I know it made my cardinals really pop), it is also good for plants and a plant bulb of 5500-7000k (k refers to the internal temp of the bulb and is also the part that gives you the color spectrum of the bulb). The second bulb is specifically for the plants and will give you good growth. More things to consider here are fertilizer and CO2 with the extra light you need fertilizer in the substrate for rooted plants and in the water for others and CO2 (a fermentation system is cheap since you can make your own and should do fine) cause the plants might need more due to more light equals more growth. I call it the planted triangle of headaches as I am new to planted aquariums, and here is why if any of the 3 things are higher than the others you will have algea. I have had the fastest and lowest maintenance result dealing with algea by using a UV sterilizer.

55gallon T5 lighting 2 54w bulbs one daylight 10k, one actnic.
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