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How about platys? Colorful, inexpensive, active, peaceful and common =)
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I wouldn't think neon tetras would be nippers but they're are always going to be a few of those individual fish that make you out to be a liar. I have neons with my fancy guppies and they never bother their tails. The only nipping they do is to each other. I also have an odd ball fully grown red tailed shark in there that doesn't bother any of the neons or guppies. Whodathought you could put a red tailed shark in with guppies like that.

I would think platies would be ok. Someone mentioned that most of the platies these days are crossed with swordtails and they might be a little more agreesive. Buying from a well known breeder would be your best bet but it would definately be more expensive.

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Platys would be more of a peaceful fish to put with the betta.. Yes you are corrct. Neons may not fin nip but it is likely that they will/can...
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You probably shouldn't put a betta in a tank with a Penguin 200. The current could do a number on it's fins. I frankly don't care for HOBs of any kind in a betta tank. Were I going to keep a betta in a 20, I'd either get an internal with an outlet I could point at the glass, or a small cannister filter with a spraybar (like the smallest Eheim Ecco filter).

That said, a nice, colorful (if pricey) set up would be a male betta, 3 albino bronze cories, and a school of 10 espi rasboaras (or harlequins if you cant find espies).

Failing that, get 3 male and 5 female guppies. You will be flushing or freezing fry, though.

Do not mix bettas and guppies. Bad idea. Male bettas can go into kill mode on male guppies because of the fins. Female bettas are better by degrees, but can have the same problem.

If you can find good ones, a tank of 6 to 10 female bettas can be gorgeous.

Originally Posted by mcdanielnc89
I wouldn't get the betta if you get neon tetras... Neon tetras tend to be fin nippers and will more than likely nip your bettas fins...
Not so much if you keep them in a school of 6 or more. In a 20 high, bettas and neons would get along fine, as the betta would stick to the top of the tank and the neons to the bottom and middle. In a 20 long that could be more of an issue.

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if you dont mind baby guppies then maybe have a 1:3 male:female guppy ratio and 10 guppies will be probably overdoing it. if they are the small kind (probably not patronizing since they are usually bred in small tanks to stunt growth) then its probably ok.

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Originally Posted by tophat665
...That said, a nice, colorful (if pricey) set up would be a male betta, 3 albino bronze cories, and a school of 10 espi rasboaras (or harlequins if you cant find espies)....
Point of Clarification: This would actually be reasonably priced. The cost would triple or quintuple if you got Green or Orange Lazer Cories instead of albino bronzes. I understand the lazers are more than 20 bucks a pop, being 1) very attractive, 2) relatively new to the trade, and 3) pretty thin on the ground as far as point of purchase goes. They would be much more colorful, though.

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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i would say that i agree about the guppys,unless you
want hundreds then just get males.
i have just set up a small tank for my female guppys,
as they are old enough to be sexed now,and the older
females i'm puting out to pasture now.(enough is enough)
i keep the males in the 96l with the other inhabitants.
good luck with your choice. :)
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With guppies (any of the common livebearers, really) you have three options:

1) Get only one sex. If it's all males, make sure you have melafix on hand, because they will nip each other.[/list]
2) Get 4 tanks: A Male tank, a Female Tank, a Breeding Tank, and a Grow out tank. This will only delay the cruel realities inherent in the final option.

3) Keep males and females together in a ratio of 1 to 3, and dispose of the fry. You can Freeze them, Flush them, Clove Oil them, or feed them to predators, but they will need to be killed or they will overrun your tank. It sucks, but that is the way of it. I siphon as many fry out of my guppy tank as I can when I do water changes, and then I net out enough of the rest - adults and fry, to bring the population down. (Of course, I have feeder guppies, so I am not concerned about keeping specific fish, just in maintaining a population to feed to a predator tank I'll be setting up later this summer).

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Guppies live to breed.

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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agree with tophat665,thoses little guys
really are baby machines. :)
and i think sometimes we do need to realise things,
and realities,even though we are not going to like them.
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