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18 hour aquarium fish owner and already swordfish fry!! help!

Thanks again for replying everyone , I usually change the fry tank about 30% daily and the 23 gallon I change about 10% a day, yeah it is time consuming but needs to be done. I did my water tests again today on both tanks the fry tank was the same as usual ammonia 0.25mg/l, nitrites <0.3 mg/l and the nitrates are 12.5 mg/l This was before I did the water changes.

The tests for the 23gallon tank was ammonia 0 nitrites <0.3mg/l and nitrates are 12.5mg/l. I have never got any readings for nitrites since I've started this (in either tank) and always I've got readings for nitrates.... this is really puzzling me... and now the ammonia test came back zero for the first time since I've started testing.

To make sure, I tested the ammonia 3 times today and all the tests came back zero. I'll keep testing daily but surely the tank can't be cycled without getting nitrite readings. It is in use nearly four weeks now and haven't picked up any yet. I think its from all the daily water changes and not letting the ammonia rise too high. The highest I ever tested the ammonia for was 1.5mg/l, this was nearly all of last week but weird how ammonia is zero today.

About the deformed fry, someone will have to come and euthanise it for me because I really can't do it!! I know he's not swimming but he is well able to move and is eating... He doesn't look in pain and I've named him, can't kill the poor thing now, I don't have the heart...

Well I don't know what I am going to do with all the fry I really think this next batch due will have to face the perils of the 23 gallon with the adult swordtail fish I really have enough going on.. I have floating plants in the fry tank and will buy somemore for the next batch to hide in in the 23 gallon tank.

Tophat 665 - I feed the fry about 3 times a day, liqifry, once in the morning, once in the evening and once around 8pm (I work all day so these are the only times i can do it.) I read on the net that bloodworms are good for fry and they love them but I only give them about 3 worms a week..

There is no need to use the shrimp to cycle the tank, I got the ammonia and that is working nicely.. it's just hard to get a hold of here as it was used in making explosives during the 70's by paramilitary organisations I tested the 10 gallon today and the results were 5.0mg/l ammonia, nitrites <0.3mg/l and nitrates were between 12.5 and 25 mg/l. I did not add anymore ammonia today as the level has not dropped since yesterday.

I'll just sit tight now I think and continue with the water tests and changes for now.. thanks for all the advice I think I have followed all you have told me to do except for euthanizing the deformed fry and buying the snails (still can't find) If anyone else thinks I am doing wrong, please let me know
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You're doing well with the cycles on all the tanks. I am guessing that you have nitrates in your tap water, hence the reason that they showed up before the nitrites. I have a reading of 5 nitrates in my tap. The fact that you now have nitrite readings means that your cycle is on the last step and once the nitrite converting bacteria colonize it will be complete . Ammonia is now 0 because those specific bacteria have multiplied enough to meet the demands of your fish! Yay!

Your care of the fry also sounds good, but now that they are bigger you can also start feeding them crushed flake food. The bloodworms are good as well.

As for population control, I would just let them have their babies in the large tank in the future. It sounds terrible, but there is no way to avoid being overrun unless you give them to your fish store, where they will no doubt be mistreated and likely sold to unknowledgeable people who really don't care about fish. In my opinion (and I had to figure out the same situation with my guppies) it is better to just be eaten right away, and for all your other fish to be happy and healthy. It is the way of nature. As for your deformed fry, I don't see any reason for you not to keep him if he is eating and otherwise living fine. People born with deformities do not feel pain from them, and I would expect that it is the same with animals. Unless he is obviously suffering from starvation or any other issues due to being deformed, then if you don't have the heart to put him down I do not think that it is cruel to keep him so long as you are always satisfied that his quality of life is good.

I'm sorry that you had such a rocky introduction to this hobby, but you seem to be willing to put in the effort needed to be successful, so I am sure that you will have better luck in the future. Doing your research really helps as well. Good luck, and try to have fun!

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