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I immediately disagreed with the bettas till I read why. Ive only ever had 1 betta that wasn't in a community tank, and Ive had them with guppies and tetras without a problem but I probably wouldn't risk it again with guppies. And the only tetras ive seen bother another is with emperor tetras and only with themselves.

This article is a pretty good warning though.
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I have always felt that tiger barbs were more fin nippers then tetras. Surprised not to see them on the list. Botia loaches as well.

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I went to subscribe to that mag but it ends up being $88 usd! :(


125 gallon-
5 Bala sharks- Hans, Frans, Ace, Gary and Mary Catherine Gallagher
1 clown pleco- Bobo
1 black ghost knife fish- Twist 2
Black sand
Tons of plants
Flourish excel and Comprehensive

20 Gallon-
Guppy tank- breeding like crazy
Eco complete
Flourish excel and comprehensive
a few plants
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If you geet the most expesive one it is. Do you think that the filter thing is a fake or it's real? The 12.95 one second down is 21 dollars.

38 gallon :
Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Nigerian Red not yet breeding pair
4 Pangio Kuhli
12 Hemmigrammus Bleheri
2 Botia Lohachata
1 Botia Straita
1 Ancistrus Sp.
6 Poecilia Reticulata

The Wet Spot Portland Oregon!!!!!!

ADA: Do!aqua Iwagumi 10 gallon size!
7 Clown Killies
7 Ghost shrimp
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Very informative article. Bettas CAN sometimes do ok in a community tank, depending on their personality but they are solitary fish and IMO, are happier living by themselves.
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the email new letters are free... thats all I get.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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