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Tons of people keep betta and cories together, myself included. I have never had any problems with them together. Even a slightly more aggressive betta will usually accept them pretty soon simply because they are dull and don't get in the betta's way.
I agree, you should really up your cory group to 5-6 cories, and maybe some shrimp or a snail. Cories need groups of 4 or more to feel secure.

Quarantining is done with new fish from stores, just in case a fish brings in a disease, you can watch for it in a separate tank instead of potentially introducing it into your established tank.

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Originally Posted by dmuddle View Post
Wait quarantining my fish? At the time I was a beginner and had read up on that stuff and have never heard of quarantining, I have 1 albino and 1 pepper atm in my community and they don't "lash out" so I am still lost.
Quarantine is typically done to prevent fish from bringing in disease. Many fish from pet stores carry a lot of disease, and to prevent infection of the entire tank, it's best to keep the in a separate but suitable tank for a few weeks before adding them to the main tank. It's becoming standard practice as pet stores just aren't trustworthy anymore.

Your current cories may not be lashing out, but you could have gotten the odd one that did lash out when stressed. I would also suggest bumping up the numbers in your tanks to 3 cories of the same species.


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