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post #131 of 174 Old 02-17-2014, 03:00 PM
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Willow! I'm sad for you!!! I'd hate to tell you to take everything out and start over. . . that's generally a last-ditch resort. . .

Have you any idea where this film is coming from?
In my tanks, the only thing I've seen to resemble this was either uneaten food molding over, or caused by the driftwood - could it be either of these?

Were it my tank, I would take the wood out for a bit, just to eliminate possibilities, feed very sparingly, and up your water-changes - being sure to siphon the substrate with each change. . .

Filter sounds like running water. . .assuming this is a canister filter? Is the spraybar under the water, and spraying into the tank properly? Could be it needs a taking apart and a rinsing in old tank water if you feel the filter is clogged/dirty, but don't replace any media unless it's falling apart. I'd hate to see you knock your tank into a mini-cycle from over-ferkling. . . *worries*

I want Pear(L) gourami tooooooo! Holding off for the big tank(stiiilllll) Went to find you in chat, buuuuut, you weren't there T____T
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What kind of filter is it? Could have air in it, give it a shake and you'll hear it moving if it has and bubbles will start to come out. Is the return from it 'raining down' on the water rather than along it or from underneath and up if you see what I mean. Is the spindle worn?

PS Was trying to post that before my battery died, on charge now
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ok…i've taken some of the fake plants out and washed them,
water change tomorrow,and i bought some new filter floss today,
have kept the wood out,however until a water changed is performed i don't
expect much difference….in my box of wondrous stuff there was lurking a bag
of unused carbon,that's going in the filter with the new floss.
i'm going to attempt to take the spray bar off and swoosh it out..
maybe i should get someone to take a picture of me on the ladder,
give you guys a giggle !
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*hugs* Good luck, Willow! Let us know how it comes out
. . .and yes! I'd LOVE a shot of you on the ladder, trying to reach the bottom of the tank! (I feel your pain! It's hard being a short gal with a big tank!)
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chat rooms had a melt down…weird
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anyone know about twisted willow tree…can you use it in the
aquarium ?
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For a second I thought the "pear" gourami pic was a real fish! Silly.

I've heard of using willow to remove nitrate. As I understand it you put green twigs in the water and...well, something...happens to remove nitrate.
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hmm that's interesting.
i'm using dried…
i wish i could get a picture right now of how it looks..there is natural
sun light coming in…the effect is Amazing ! looks a little amazon
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post #139 of 174 Old 02-18-2014, 08:36 AM
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I don't know (much) about willow, Willow (couldn't resist, just couldn't!) - but there's a *tiny* thread in Advanced about it. Sandybottom is going to give it a go, and report back on results. You should join in! *runs to find link* I'd love to hear how it goes for you.

*cries for allllll the beautiful pictures never taken*

. . . when frustrated by a tank, it's always so refreshing to have that moment of zen to pull you out and drop you right back into tank love. You'll make it through all this. The BEST tanks the longest to grow, and sometimes give a bit of a fit at first! Hang in!!! <3
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thanks chesh i'll have a look…
i think i've mashed it…i don't dare to turn the lights on
and see what i've done…..and to add to my utter madness i'm setting up
another tank in the kitchen…which i worked out is 28 litres only 6 something
gallons…….tis bit pants isn't it ? anyhow i've taken pics of big tank
filter clean out….nasty and dirty…..and put goop and some old filter floss
in new tank,also put some in the actual new filter….so technically that's
ready to go….i thought about a fan tail goldie…but tank not big enough…mehh
but i shall not be defeated…no never shall i,as i walk through the vally
of pets at home,i will fear no numpty employers and pick some shrimp !
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