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Looks great! I love that youe caboma is short and fluffy..too bad it wont stay that way..you could always just cut and let the trimmings float!

Ive come to realy love floating plants, i like the canopy you get..=]

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Pretty little thing! I hope he likes his new home :) He needs some meat on his bones - keep an eye on that concave tummy and make sure it fills in over the next month or so. . .
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It's a beautiful planted tank, an aqua scape has more in depth characteristics. Like cliffs, grass hills, a forest look, or a layered format. Yours is a great planted one level setup, and your pick in plants are perfect but none the less its a planted tank not an aqua scape. Google it you will see the difference.

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doki (08-11-2012)
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I agree you make a great point.
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Originally Posted by doki View Post
Just fishing for opinions if you don't mind.
I change my tank around a lot, I put a lot of thought into this one and a lot of time so I'm not changing anymore, Unless its adding more Cabombas to carpet and Wisteria.

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If you want a grass like plant that will give you a grassy field look, find some lileopsis.

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."
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Hey, Doki! How's your tank? Your ram? Update time yet?!!
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doki (09-30-2012)
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Wow! Outstanding! I love the plant choices. If that were my tank the only, and I mean only change I would make would be to replace the plastic deco with natural driftwood. I like the natural look though.
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Thanks for caring, unfortunately this tank went to hell it's doing pretty bad, I recently ordered some hygrophilia corymbosa and java fern a few weeks ago, By now all of the hygro's died from an unknown reason, The stems turned weak and black. The Java fern is doing great however I see lots of new growth.
I'm going to start a new tank, 20 gal long with soil and gravel but I'm gonna use flourite this time and get new bulbs as well as fertilizers, All I have right now is Flourish Comprehensive and Excell.

Also, The ram died while being treated for ich. I felt the effects of not having a quarantine tank and my whole tank got infected so I had to take him out and treat him. Most of my cabombas and wisterias died from being trimmed too much because I changed the layout every week :S now that I learned from these newbie mistakes I'm gonna start fresh with the 20 long, I also recently got hired at aquarium store right on my block so that will open new doors for me. :D Thanks again for the inquiry.

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if you want a ground cover you can use Glossostigma, or dwarf hair grass, limnophila aromatia, Pogostemon helferi. Check out this site it might help you www.aqmagic.com

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

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