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What is considered over stocked

These two pictures are of two different tanks. Please tell me if mine is or is not overstocked. The green one is mine. The first pic is of a 10 gallon totally full of fish. Second is a 55 gallon, some on this site are saying I am overstocked for a 55 gallon, but I beg to differ.
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At a guess, the guppy tank is overstocked!
Stocking levels of a tank can be tough to figure out and it's part art. First, are the water parameters good? If they are and the water quality stays good, then from a water quality standpoint, the tank's not overstocked.

Next, what type of fish do you have, how large will they grow, how "dirty" are they, how much "room" do they need to not feel stressed? Here is where the art comes in. Some fish, the territorial ones in particular, will need more room to establish territories. Otherwise, constant fighting or stress will result. Other species may be more tolerant of crowding, it will depend on the species. Is there a magic formula? I don't think so.

I don't think your 55 is overstocked, but what's in there?
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Well stated, DKRST.

Yes, that Guppy tank looks overstocked!

Your 55, if it has the inhabitants as listed in your sig, looks fine to me. You may be at your limit, but not overstocked IMO.

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Yup according you to sig if its true I'd be comfortable with a stocking of that, just wouldn't plan on too much more.

But just to throw in my two cents as DKRST pointed out figuring out when your tank is over stocked can be more of an art then a science with territories, bio-load and species specific requirements. You might have a fish most would consider very territorial but just like humans not all fish personalities always fit a specific bill, if the fish is very laid back you might be able to get away with stuff that another fish of the same species wouldn't appreciate of course over time the attitude of the fish might change too. Now as for that guppy tank, I would beg to differ, it might not be over stocked, with a really heavy filter and daily 50% water changes such a tank should do fine at least on a biological standpoint.
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stocking guppies is a little different then most fish. Its hard to say actually if that guppy tank is overstocked or not. Its quite likely they are crowding the glass when the photo was taken expecting food. If you wanted to stock a 55 with just guppies IMO you would be totally fine with 100 of them if its properly filtered for those numbers. Guppies are not bothered much by crowding, but that doesn't go for a lot of fish..

With your 55 gallon I would say normally say you still have room, but you have that pleco. He's the main reason your almost fully stocked in that tank.

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I agree stocking a tank depends on lots of things. If your pleco is a common pleco than I would agree with that you are at your limit.

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I just looked again at the pic of your tank and... OMG! Is that your Mystery Snail in the top right corner?! That thing is HUGE! Very impressive!

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