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Warhawk fish room Journey

I decided to set up a journal to help track my Fish Room Journey. I had been doing this in my DIY fish room build but now I have started to do less of the build part and more breeding I think I should move it from that section to this one.

I have been keeping fish for years but in late 2014 I decided to change my setup and make my self a fish room like I have wanted for a long time. Here is the thread where I started sharing my experience with others. My new fish room

With most of the fish room stuff built now I'm starting to breed more and enjoy the fish a lot more. My plan is to start breeding more fish and start working with some harder to breed fish this year. I'm not doing it for the money I know I won't be getting rich from this but I'm hoping I can share some healty fish with others that will enjoy them also. I will be selling fish online and at to the local store, drop me a line if your interested in anything. With the breeding I'm going to start shooting video of my tanks and other projects in my fish room, (hoping to get that going in less than a month).

The first section will be long because I have a lot to list but I plan to do small updates each week on how each group is doing if there are any changes.

Here is what I'm breeding now

Platy Neon Micky mouse -- Started with a group of 6 in a 20g heavily planted, fell in love with the colors of these guys. I plan on breeding for a brighter color and fuller colored fish.

Platy Marigold Orange -- Started with group of 8 in a 20g heavily planted, already have fry. The colors are very bright I got them to help keep the plants clean but quickly fell in love with the colors as they swim around the tank.

Guppy Cobra -- Placed a trio of these guys in a 10g tank, at the point waiting for fry. I know everyone breeds these guys but I wanted a strain that is very healthy and not prone to illness like those you find in the pet stores. I have keep this line for years but I wanted to set up a tank just to breed more of these little guys.

Guppy Blue -- Started with 2 males and 4 females in a 10g tank. I got this line from a local breeder years ago and the males are a nice deep blue color and even the females are very colorful. These females have more blue in their tail than some of the males at Petsmart. I plan on trying to breed these to see if I can get more colors than just blue. Lots of fry growing out for these.

Marbled Crayfish-- These guys are in a 25 gallon tub with lots of caves and rocks. These started out to be food for my Oscars. I will be setting up another tub for them in a month or so.

Pumpkin Shrimp -- Bought a adult group of these guys from a local breeder. 10g tank, rocks sponge filter, my goal is to set up another 10g tank for them as the colony grows this summer..

Cherry Shrimp -- Brought a young group from a local breeder. 10g tank, rocks sponge filter, my goal is to set up another 10g tank for them as the colony grows this summer.

Angel Zebra -- I got these guys locally just because my wife and I wanted a pair of Angels. Mike and Molly as they became known have really taking part of our hearts. They started around the first of January 2016 showing signs of pairing up. I moved them to their own 29g tank and watched them for a few weeks. They hatched their first spawn on Feb 3rd 2016. I'm leaving the parents to raise the fry and so far they are doing well. I have noticed some fry have died but most are swimming strong. We are going to keep a few of these guys and sell.

Goodea gracilis -- This group started with 1 female and 3 males, but how I have 20-25 fish growing out in the tank. Not sure where I'm going to go with this group yet, I'm going to keep them going and setup another tank as they grow but I don't really have a end goal for them.

Poecilia Minima -- These guys are super small but very cool. I got a group of 4-6 fry and they h ave grown up to fill my 10g. They don't have the color of most live bearers but are very cool to watch. I do take care to make sure I don't mix in other fish I want to keep the line clean.

Upcoming breeding fish

Convict Cichlid Pink -- Got these from a local breeder and they are growing like mad. Two have started to pair off in a 20g tank so hoping they will have a spawn soon. I removed the others from the tank so they wouldn't be eating the fry. The males are growing into some beautiful fish and the females have very bright orange bellies.

Bristle nose pleco -- Waiting for these guys to get old enough to start pairing up. I have breed these in the past and really enjoy watching the father care for the fry. I think it will be another 3-4 months before they are ready.

Killifish Aphyosemion Straitum -- Got a pair of these last year and after they had 2 fry the female died. I have the fry in grow out tanks waiting for them to get old enough to breed. I think both fry are female so the line should carry own as long as nothing happens before they can breed again. Should be less than a month.

Maybe list

Gold Gourami -- Got these because I really enjoy the fish in the tank. I have thought about setting up a tank for these guys to breed but not sure yet. So these guys are on my maybe list, I have 5 right now.

Betta Splenda -- One of my favorite fish but every time I start to breed these guys something comes up and I end of putting it off. I have 4 of these guys right now and I'm always looking at others. Maybe one do I will get to do it.

Killifish -- I love the colors of these guys and it looks like a nice challenge. I know I will be doing Non Annuals but need to find a source for the fish.

I think that is all for now.
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In Dec I got a lot of plants from a local super store that where on sale for 90% off. Then a few days later I bought a bog of Naga grass from a local breeder. I know both sources had snails and I thought I was careful but turns out I was wrong, I noticed snails in 4 of my tanks over the weekend. So this morning I started researching how to safely kill them all from my tanks. But I came across an article about Dwarf puffers eating snails as their main food source.

That got me to thinking about a trip to a pet store about 1 hour from where I live last month. I stopped in because I was going thru the town just to see what type of store it was. Glad I did they have a huge selection of fish and many I can't find locally. One that caught my eye was "Pea Puffer" for $5! Did some looking and it is also called Dwarf puffer and the scientific name is Carinotetaodon travancoricus. At the time I didn't think much about it because I read one of the main foods are snails and I didn't have snails in my tanks and planned on keeping it that way. Well now that I have snails and I remembered this little guy maybe my snails are a blessing.

So today I have been reading up on this little puffer and I think it would be a nice addition to my fish room. I would like to get 5-10 so I could set up a breeding group also. Many places list the tank sizes around 10g and some say down to 5g if housed alone. They are very smart fish and enjoy watching the world out side the tank.

I'm going to call and make sure they have them in stock before I drive down this weekend but fingers are crossed.
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Interesting as always Warhawk, Interesting to hear about your new Puffer, coincidently it is featured in the March edition of '' Practical Fishkeeping '' which is a UK only Mag I think, it features as number 14 in the UK's 20 favourite Fish article and is known as a PYGMY PUFFER over here in the UK.-----Carinotetraodon Travancoricus---Origin, Kerata, India---Habitat, Slow streams and pools with heavy planting---Size, To 2.5 cm/1 inch---Tank size, 45 X 30cm/ 18 X 12 inch----Water Requirements, From 7.00 to 8.00PH --- Hardness 8 - 22 deg H---Temperature 22 --28 deg C/ 71.6 - 82.4 deg F------Availability and Cost, Quite common in shops, expect to pay from around 3 each. looks like an intesting little fish Warhawk.
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Thanks Bilbo. The city I live in is about 250,000 so not small but most people int eh area do salt water. So out local stores are very limited. I was glad to find that store about a hour away and I don't mind a small drive to get some nice fish. I will check into that article maybe they will have something online also.
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Looking forward to reading about your breeding endeavors. Good luck!

150 Gallon - Mostly American Cichlids
135 Gallon - Angelfish Community
75 Gallon - Odd couple (Polleni/Angelfish)
55 Gallon - African tank
20 Gallon Long - QT
10 Gallon - Empty
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Few small updates.

My Neon Mickey Mouse platy have dropped fry, very happy about that. I have read that Platy will eat the fry but in the Marigold platy tank they haven't been eating them so hoping these turn out to be the same.

I called the local fish store Tuesday about Dwarf puffers and he said he had 2 or 3 in stock, I told him I want 5 so he ordered more. Went by last night after work to pick them up and he told me someone came in that afternoon and bought all 9! But he is ordering me more and they should be here today. SO with some luck I will have those tonight. Their tank is ready just need them.

Added a Mop for the killifish tank, still have the male in a separate tank and feeding good so when I put them back together hopping for lots of eggs.

Angel fry are doing well they are all over the tank so it is hard to tell how many are still alive but looks like well over 60 are still going strong.

Also I keep thinking about Mollies. I might have to see about ordering some online to see if I have better luck.
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Well my local fish store didn't have the Dwarf puffers so maybe next week.

I did setup a DIY CO2 system, it's not fully functional but it's getting there. I will post a DIY thread on how it goes and how I made it for anyone looking to give it a try.
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I have the DIY CO2 running on two tanks. I hope after a week I will notice a difference in my plants but I can't find any place that lists how quick I will notice a change.

I have read a lot of people saying how good dirtied tanks works but I haven't seen much difference in my dirtied tank vs my gravel tanks. So I set up my three 5.5 gallon tanks. First one is normal gravel and other two have dirt with a Flora Max as a cap. I'm going to test the growth of some plants for a while and see if there is a difference comparing tanks that are very close to the same other than dirt. I hope the dirt works great and I will be changing most of my tanks over this spring.
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Hi Warhawk. I was watching a youtube vid where the guy did something similar and added soil with CO2 , fertiliser and the whole Japanese aquascaping routine. He mentioned that it took 3 months before the changes made themselves apparent, Off on a tangent I notice you have cherry shrimp in your fish room somewhere, what do you think of them, especially as a means of tidying up your tank, I was thinking of trying to get some for my own tank. anyway Warhawk, good luck.
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I have a dirt tank setup for almost a year and my Amazon swords are growing okay but not as good as I would have thought. I really hope it doesn't take months to see the growth but if it does it does nothing I can do about it. Thanks for that info.

On my cherry shrimp they are very young so at this point they are still in their own tank. They do pretty good keeping it clean and once they get a little older and start breeding I will be moving some out my other tanks to clean up in those also. So right now I can't say they are good or bad but hoping in another month or two I will have enough to know. The Pumpkin shrimp are the same as the cherry just orange not red, I think they come in yellow also but I don't have any of those.
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