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Originally Posted by Lupin
Good start. Why is the last pic showing water not at full level?
Thx. That was during a water change Lup. For some reason I always take a picture during the water change. I know I have more pics somewhere in the forum with the same scenario . As soon as my dad lets me borrow his phone again ill take another.
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looking good. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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yes its looking very nice.
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Here is the Big One
Fast cycle, my nitrates were finally gone a week ago, but I waited till now to move fishies in. I remodeled the tank, placed the wood branches to the left w/the Amazon Sword and the plant wich I know not the name of Rocks in the middle with some tiny Java Ferns and my only fake decor, a tall "Tree Root" with some Moneywort branches, to the right. Lots of crudy pics! :P OH! other than 8 H. Rasboras, 2 Kuhlis Loaches, a Molly, Feeder Guppy, and Plec, I got myself an awesome pair of wild Golden Gouramis! 8)

Basic pics of the tank. Its with phone and with the bright light, its not so easy to get a clear pic.

Right Side. I got the Moneywort cause of its height. I got the ends to curl around the log, it might not cover the entire log in the future but we are hoping as hell that it does. :P

The middle. The Loaches love this area. Sorry Lupin, the loaches love to spend alot of time in hiding so I have yet to post some pics.

....and the right. The rasboras hang around this area.

Can u find my Plec?

My new Gouramis! Here I believe they are courting each other. They seem to be doing that alot.

The male. He is very radiant but the pic really takes away alot of his luster.

Much Better. Awesome blue at the tip of the anal fin.

The female.

And finaly my Java Moss. Most of it died off in the 10 gallon, but since the beginning when I filled up the 55 I placed it in here and alot of it grew rather quickly. Cant wait for it to overthrow the tank.
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Originally Posted by tangy
I got myself an awesome pair of wild Golden Gouramis! 8)
Do you mean wild-caught gouramis? I've always been fascinated with wild-caught blue gouramis before. Getting them here is not a problem as they are native.
The middle. The Loaches love this area. Sorry Lupin, the loaches love to spend alot of time in hiding so I have yet to post some pics.
I'm waiting.

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I'm ready for the pressure.
The drama and the pleasure!
If there is one thing I want to see here, it's HUMOR.
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I stand in awe of my body.
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great pics.welcome to the fresh side
will be great to see the loaches,
are you enjoying it,do you find it easier than saltie side ?
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It certainly is cool going through a large fw tank again after such a looooong time willow tho I do miss the Salties. Whiles cool, no FW fish can replace my Yellow Tang,Mellow.
Sadly, one of my worste fears has come to pass today. My plec,Sanchez(its the whiskers, they look like a mexican singers mustache :D ), perished today. Dunno why, the past 2 days he had seemed a bit smaller and really pale, and right when I had set up a quarantine tank for the little guy, I find him long gone.
I managed to get myself some mystery snails-2 Black, 1 Ivory, 1 Blue, And 1 Gold-I had a hard time stocking a second gold as I have lost 2 right after introducing them to my tank. They are always hiding when I buy so I believe the store is carrying some dead ones and I have alerted them of this. All I know is I wont be going back there.
Some updated pics of those guys will come in soon, and some loaches to please the loach-man :D
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Here are some update pics of my current stock-
Pregnant Feeder Guppy-For those who know the story this is the one that had an eye removed by the bichir. The fish has been spewing fry for the past couple of weeks, they are all in the tank somewhere...

This Molly is really gorgeous, a much-loved fish. A black body with some green scales mostly on her front. Her fins and mouth are orange-red, and if you look closely you can see at the edge of her anal fins she has a hint of blue. Very colorful.

More Harlequin Rasboras! :D

Gouramis -The male has been chasing the female viciously. She actually has a tad bit of her tail fin nipped. She spends most of the day in hiding now. I have thoughts on removing her but again the male had been protecting a calm area at the top of the tank. Mating sign but I dont want any harm to befall her.
As u can see the female spends most of the day in hiding. Except for feeding time, when they kick back together, she and the male dont get along very well.

Some loaches. This was taken at 3:00 A.M(party day) when they were up and swimming up and down the glass like their hair was on fire(oxymoron ) One is in the lower middle and another is on the lower right under the power head.

Mystery Snails




Still on the lookout for those loaches. Gonna get more soon!! :D
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how come ur plants look so good... why does ur tank look so good..

why havent i stolen it yet..

fishie fishie fishie
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