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update on planted betta tank

Here's a little update on my ten gallon betta tank. A few weeks ago, I can't remember how long ago to be honest, I added some Amazon Swords and Wisteria. This is the first planted tank I've had and so far things are going pretty good. Most of the Wisteria has taken off and two of the plants have reached the top of the tank. I've already had to trim them a little. The two Wisteria in the very back are not doing as well. They've hardly grown at all. They're not dying or anything the leaves still look ok, but they're not growing either. I'm chalking it up to 'too many plants, too small a space', unless someone has a better idea as to why they're not growing.

I have too many Amazon Swords for a ten gallon, even I know that. It's taking me longer to get the other tank set up (I still need to buy a hood) and with the holidays approaching I really don't think I'll have it set up until after the new year. I've been adding a little extra liquid fertilizer, three cap fulls a week instead of two, and they're doing much better now. Ultimately the swords are going to be transplanted in my 45 gallon community tank, but I don't have enough gravel, only about an inch or so, and not enough funds to buy more. So for the time being they're stuck here.

Even with the plants the algae growth is still kind of insane. I have the light on for about six hours a day. I've been sick the last week and a half so it's been left on for a little more depending on how long the NyQuil keeps me out. I bought a Zebra Nerite Snail to help out with that and he's been doing a pretty good job at keeping the algae contained. The betta gets along fine with him, there hasn't been any nipping, but when the snail is on the glass near the top the betta will swim over and check him out sometimes but there's never any flaring or nipping just some curiosity. The betta is loving the Wisteria. He rests on the biggest leaves at the top, and he even weaves in and out between the Amazon Swords.

The pictures are a little deceiving. My tank isn't this dark. The settings on my camera were changed unbeknown to me and I can't quite figure out how to change them back. I'll have to sit down with the manual and figure that out when this sickness has left my body. But for now these are all I have.
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Nice! Like the way u have laid it out lucky betta!

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finally figured out how to fix the camera settings. here are some better pictures.
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