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Sons first aquarium

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Your aquarium is gorgeous!!!!!!
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Thanks for you comments. I'm very pleased with how the tank has matured, and really happy that I decided to go down the planted route. I've also got a Fluval Ebi set up for my Red Cherry Shrimp and will start a thread later on, as i do have a couple of questions that I'm sure someone can answer.
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good luck with the cherries.
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Just wanted to say, if you pull out the hairgrass and seperate the plants as much as possible and plant them separately whey'll grow in faster...

Might also want to switch to flourish comprehensive when your fertiliser runs out...
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welcome to tfk, and a beautiful tank! lucky little guy.
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I'll have a play around with the hairgrass and split up as suggested. The ballast on the twin t5 unit failed last month and has only just been fixed, so the light has been comin from a single t8 which the hair grass has not liked at all.

I put the t5's back on last night, so we should start to see the surges in growth again anytime now. Exciting !

Current stock:
7x Galaxy Rasbora
4x Corydoras Trilineatus
2x Corydoras Sterbai
5x Cardinal Tetras
3x Dwarf neon rainbows
1x dwarf hybrid gourami
2x Zebra nerite snails
5x Amano shrimps
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i am so jealous of a lot of you. it is illegal to have snails or shrimp in the state of Maine.... :( i can't even have a frog here!!! lots of the fun stuff you want are not allowed here :(
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Old 02-11-2012, 03:20 PM   #28
Thats really harsh !

I'd not kept any shrimps until about 6 months ago, and I think they are fantastic characters. The Amanos in this tank do tend to keep very much to themselves, however they love the weekly water change and are always very active whilst I'm fiddling in the tank.
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That is absolutely beautiful!
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