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My boyfriend's dad has a black moor and I LOVE him!

He's so cartoon like and cute, so interesting looking...and SO SO friendly!

I plan to get one when I have the means and such...very cute.

I had 3 fantails once...they didn't live that long, maybe a year or two...they were unhealthy a lot, and eventually were all murdered by my current two feeders. I've owned feeders my entire life.
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I have to admit i'm a complete novice to keeping fish. I had a few fantails before my current goldfish but they had anchor worm and never recovered from it.
The goldfish i have now seem so much healthier and happier than my others ever were. They're very lively.
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Oh I love goldfish! They have so much personality and they are very active and friendly! The only thing bad about goldfish is the fact that you need such big of a tank for not that many of them. I just set up a 20 gallon long and I was thinking of getting 2 ornadas or something but I keep changing my mind because I want some corys...because I like catfish also, and I can keep a few of them in the same tank. I wish their was some sort of fish just like a goldfish but tropical =O!

Here was my old fantail...died at 5 years old because I added a new fish to the tank and he had some sort of disease that killed him a few days after the new fish =(
he was a gorgeous fish and I just couldnt get a good pic of him except this one...but it still doesnt show how pretty he was =(
R.I.P sish (he got the name by a 2 year old who couldn't pronounce F's!)

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bubble eyes are just wrong and has anyone seen a celestial goldfish

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Originally Posted by daisycutter
bubble eyes are just wrong and has anyone seen a celestial goldfish
What about it? I'd never thought someone has a strong resentment for bubble-eyes.

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they look like 2 big blisters with veins in

Death solves all problems: no man, no problem - joseph stalin
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Here's my goldfish. I actually didn't even think of asking what breed it is!!
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I had a couple of bubble eyes when I was a kid, fun fish to watch swim around. Never had a celestial though. they were bred for egomaniac Chinese and Japanese emperors, so that every time they strolled through the gardens it was like the fish were looking up at them in awe. alot of goldfish were bred for reasons like that, one popular type here in Japan is a pearlscale goldfish. these things can hardly move they are so short stubby and fat. I like shibunkins myself. although I don't have any at the moment.

Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to.
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Okay, so the name Sish is the cutest thing I have ever heard EVER haha

dominicanpapi82 - I'm pretty sure that's an Oranda. Someone correct me if I'm wrong? And YAY if I'm right haha

I frown on bubble eyes myself, actually. I feel it was cruel to imbreed them and such to make them like that. How uncomfortable and awkward must life be for those poor fish? Just because people are vain and want fish that look cool and different.
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Here's my Oranda.

I also have a Black Moor and a Fan-tail, I don't have any good pics of them yet.
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