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what else will you put in it other than the angles?
Well, therein lies the rub... Choices choices. Brian the Plec is definitely going in, and probably two groups of cories, one likely albino, and one other...

I like the idea of having schools in there, so i thought maybe green barbs, but i don't know how many would be neccesary to stop them from fin nipping the angels, or if it is even possible to stop them without tiny muzzles.

Tetras are another option, and folks have suggested a school of 10 small ones and maybe 5 larger ones, so maybe some emperors and some gold's, (what are the little irridesant blue ones, the had some in my LFS the other day and they were lovely...)

Also thought about some Hatchetfish for the top, or a school of other top dwelling fish (any suggestions?)

I had considered getting a couple of rams, either bolivian or blue, but i'm leaning against this as i like the idea of having the two angels as the centrepiece with a few shoals of smaller fish surrounding them, as i've not done really shoals before, just fish in ones or twos (although i do have 8 pygmy cories who i think are awesome!)

that's the rough plan, if anyone has and ideas or criticisms let me know!
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I really like that. The wood looks really good! Be beautiful once you get some real plants in it.
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I like the muzzle idea, that might be interesting....

90gal: 2x Tangerine Discus, 2x Clown Pleco, 2x Catfish.
75gal + 10gal sump: 2x Large Goldfish, 1x Common Pleco, 14x Leopard Danios
55gal: 5x Angelfish, 1x Common Pleco, 8x SIlver Tip Tetras, 16x Neon Tetras, 8x Albino Corys
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i love it,and agree about leaving the rocks.
keep them pics comming along,they're great.
watch if you have little tetras like neons,as if your Angels
are bigger then the neons will be lunch.
Tiger barbs,albino T barbs,Green moss T barbs,odessa barbs,
banded barbs, there is a large group,
this works for me,and the barbs Do not bother anyone else,
they pick within themselves.
this is JIME.
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i wasn't gonna go for neons, is there anythin halfway twixt neons and emperors? About 2-3 cm should be ok with the Angels as they are, or i might look for a fish that is about that size but not a tetra. Suggestions?
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long fined danios are good fish.
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You could try fu man chu barbs (though i dont know much about them, i just think they look awesome) or maybe some rummynose mixed with marbled hatchet tetra. If you have enough barbs they should leave the angels only and only nip each other. Maybe put in a couple of dwarf gourami or you could always do the genetically modified zebra danio's known as glo-fish. Cherry barbs area always a nice fish to consider too as the males amazing red color would look great with the black substrate. Those are a few fish off the top of my head that you can look into.

The tank looks great by the way, im going to have to agree with everyone else on leaving the rocks on the driftwood.

I was also thinking that some nice plants to put in there could be some ludwigia and maybe some corkscrew val if you can find it. Also if you want a little harder but amazing looking plant is Madagascar Lace Leaf. If i am remembering correctly it requires low PH too which would go right along with your angels but i have never had any success keeping it. you could also fill in the foreground with dwarf sagitarius or dwarf hairgrass and one or two pieces of anubius nana. Just some suggestions. Cant wait to see how the tank comes along!
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Fantastic looking tank Toby, and can't wait to see more pics :)
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I'll post more pics as soon as things get interesting, it's still looking like that at the mo, just waiting for the nitrites to drop down from 10ppm!

I reckon it'll be about a week or so, and i'll be putting the first few fishes in there, i reckon cories'll be good fish to start with, as they are apparantly quite hardy. they ain't gonna go in till the water's a-ok, but it's always good to start with something that can take a bit of new tank syndrome!

Oh, and is New Tank Syndrome just a term for the fact that people put fish in before the tank's ready, or a comment on the fact that an immaure tank isn't very stable and can go all wrong very quickly? Always wondered on that one.
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Originally Posted by Mating Slinkys
Oh, and is New Tank Syndrome just a term for the fact that people put fish in before the tank's ready, or a comment on the fact that an immaure tank isn't very stable and can go all wrong very quickly? Always wondered on that one.

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