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Our Walmart doesn't carry fish anymore and I think the rest that still do will stop as well.I don't think enough people buy them on a whim for them to justify the cost of it.The bottom line in any business is money and if a company can save one penny they're going to.I also agree with redchigh.Most pet stores that carry fish don't care too much for them either.They buy cheap, sell high and go on about their business.The average pet store employee knows nothing about the fish they sell,they're just somebody who filled out an application.The average owner is looking to take advantage of an opening in the market and make money.It's unfortunate for not only the fish but for all the animals that are only looked at as inventory.
And we as fishkeepers are also to blame.Without a market there would be no abuse of the animals to make money.Not only for fish but any other animal we keep as pets.
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That's good that the one near you has people that care about the fish. I personally don't use Petco or Petsmart either. I like my LFS, they are very good so I figure why go anywhere else.
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my walmart is very clean and all the fish are in aproprietly sized tanks, the babies in smalles and the larger ones in bigger. the only problem is that they have no decorations for them to seek shelter in.

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I agree the fish at walmart are not usually taken care of besides fed and sometimes cleaning out the dead ones.. for chainstore like that to be able to house/sell them there should be somekinda guidelines that have to be followed.
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Walmart Fish

Originally Posted by Alienbetta1 View Post
I strongly want to save the fish at Walmart dose anyone feel the same.How do you add a movie to a post from Windows Live Movie Maker?
Whelp as it's still goes on; The Fish at Wamart are of now being taken care of as far as I could see .Cause Im a Walmart Assiciote..and I ve seen our fish go from poorly dyein
too being taken care of quite nicely..... Now thats just at my store which is Camden DE So I thinks it might be the traveling the fish might have too go thru before they get too the store Im em out,,,,Not really sure but keep up the great work Walmart..Fish Staff.
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