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I don't see any koi bloodline there. If it was a koi hybrid, it should have shown barbels there with a more streamlined belly shape. The tail is not shaped like comet nor too short like hibunas and body shape is a bit rounder than the actual streamlined body of comets hence it is a shubunkin.

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yeah the reason why i said "koi hybrid" was because of the colouration reminded me of a koi. i agree with the barbels bit, my white koi has little barbels! thanks so much for identifying it for me Lupin :) i fixed his/her [how can you tell?] name in my aquarium log and im adding his/her photos now :)
wish i could edit the first post of this thread to fix "Unknown" and change it to Shubunkin Goldfish D:

you love snails and loaches too?!
my dojo loaches are so adorable. if they were to die i would go into a giant fit of depression and i probably wouldnt eat for a week.
i love how they become "friendly" with their owners and cuddle my hand n kissies n stuff <3

my snails just laid eggs. not sure when but i just noticed three clusters today :)!

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Originally Posted by Ramenuzumaki View Post
I use tap water conditioner when i add tap water so the chlorine etc doesnt hurt my fish. I use this stuff called "Cycle" which is apparently good for them and helps reduce fish loss. I have waste management which apparently helps with a lot of bad stuff in the water and poop and stuff. I also have aquarium salt but the box doesnt say how often to use it so if anyone knows when i should put it in that would be great. It isnt salt water salt its just salt that helps reduce stress and stuff i guess.

Are all these things i put in the water like the water conditioner and stuff necessary? I dont mind buying it but if it really doesnt help much I dont want to waste my money. same with the salt.
Hi Ramen, as far as using cycle, I would not continue to use it. It is for new tanks to help them get established. Just a waist of money if your tank is already established. What is waste management? It is not good to introduce so many chemicals to your tank. As long as you use a good water conditioner that should be all you need. Aquarium salt is not good for some fish especially the ones without scales. I would make sure your fish can tolerate it before adding. Good luck with your tanks, they are nice.

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yeah i dont use the waste control anymore cuz it makes ammonia spike [i read the label wrong >.<]
also i dont use the salt that much since it doesnt tell me how often to use it!

thank for the advice Red!!!
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ok so Waste Control hasnt been used since before my water test oh so long ago when my ammonia was high
the bottle is practically full and i have no idea what i should do with it :(

oh well!

so i applied at a pet store as many of you have probably seen and while i was there i made a few purchases i bought some food cuz im running low and i wanted to get some before i spent all my money
and i bought two Black Kuhli Loaches!
i also bought some frozen blood worms. ive never bought them before so my fish are in for a real treat!
also is there a specific way you are supposed to feed them the blood worms or do you just plop the frozen thingy into the water and let it melt?

ill be putting up a video of them in my Small Reef Aquarium profile
its just a short video showing how they act and stuff in their new home!

also while i was at walmart the other day i also made three purchases i bought more water conditioner and cycle because im running low on cycle and i need to cycle my 30 gallon soon and i am almost out of conditioner

i also noticed something that im not sure if everyone else does but i unno. ive noticed i only purchase Elite products like filters and pumps and stuff and i only buy Nutrafin for my food etc
does anyone else prefer nutrafin or Elite?
what other product names do you guys trust?
here is a little pic to show my OCD ;D

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i love nutrafin.we have it here even in malaysia.it's a bit better then the local stuff.the price is myr1 for a bottle of the cheap stuff and myr16.50 for nutrafin.i think you should be fine.some fish can't tolarate salt but the species you have in your tank are ok with it.try puttin in a tablespoon when you give your tank a 50% water change it helps them by taking care of their coating "thats the slimy stuff they have in their body".dont worry about the salt as it has trace minerals that are important to the fish a little salt will never hurt the fish your rearing.
love your white koi btw.i've been raring fish since i was 5 years old.never had a lot of pocket money to spend on them back then but they lived a good life.it's the care and time that counts not how much you splurge on them.do you know some food we eat are a good food supliment for fish too.try putting a slice of cucumber your pleco will love it.even certain larvea you find in ponds are good food for fish but do get them from a clean water source of course.

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yeah ive been wanting to try Cucumber because i hear its really good for them, my snails would love it too. its just to get the cucumber :P
like i said hopefully ill have a job soon and ill be able to get some treats for them like the bloodworms i bought the other day and some cucumber just for my fish :)

the nutrafin basix staple food pellets are i think 3.39 CAD and the flakes on the right were 6.00+ CAD the Nutrafin MAX flakes no the betta flakes
the betta flakes are 4.49 CAD i believe

i also agree with you on its not how much you spend on them its the care you put into them
i really don thave a lot of money lol and my fish have been doing fine for years ive only ever really bought the nessessities like water conditioner, cycle for new tanks, the salt i got from a friend so i didnt even pay for that and ive bought food


my salt is also Nutrafin :)
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