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from what ive read, the blue spots only appear in a few and the blue spotted dwarf puffers are very hard to find. most will end up with black spots.
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They are so cute. Now I want some. Can you put them in a small 3 gal. tank? I have a small 3 gal. bowfront by my computer that I use for QT or extra baby fish.

I have alot of tiny snails on my sand in all my tanks. I have Assassin snails but I still see a lot of them. I was wondering if 2 in a small tank like that would be ok. I also have hard water but I also have R/O water system built into my kitchen counter and have soft water coming out of the tap as I have a home water softner in case they like softer water. I keep all my Crystal Black and Crystal Red shrimp in R/O water. I would keep the dwarf pea puffers by them self in their own tank.

I know of 2 local fish stores that carry them.
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I think 5g is the recommended size for 1 DP, 3g may have you changing the water 2-3 times a week, puffers are very messy eaters. Also with the assassin there, its likely that the puffer will eat the assassin and then eat all your snails. Mine at at least 15 juvenile pond snails and ramshorns in the first 24 hrs being in the tank.
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I said above that I would put it in it's own tank no other tank mates or snails that I would not want to be eaten. I keep my Assassin snail in their own tank with endlers, red cherry shrimps, My horned nerite snails in own tank with Blk. crystal shrimps and endlers. So I can not keep 1 dwarf puffer in my 3 gal. bowfront by itself. I thought the rule was 1 gal. per 1 inch of fish.
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not for puffers, to my understanding, 1 puffer needs 5 gallons, and every puffer in addition to that one needs 3 gallons more. The fish are territorial and part of their behavior is to patrol a certain amount of space, limiting that can cause additional stress to the fish. Also puffers are really messy, mine sometimes takes a bit out of a snail and then leaves the rest to rot and pollute the water.
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Ok thank you for the information. I think I will just use that 3 gal. tank for my Blue Tiger endlers and the metalic blue endlers I'm working on now. The babies would be able to grow in that tank and it would be used as QT tank for any sick fish I may have.
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Originally Posted by SinCrisis View Post
amazing, but a little sad. My brain added screams and cries of terror for the snails as i watched that. But still awesome to watch.
LOL I was thinking the same thing a part of my felt so sorry for the little snails. But those puffers are so cute even when murdering the innocent little snails
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