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Molinious, wow. . . what an amazingly sweet post from you. . .you've *actually* left me speechless with that - thank you

In all fairness, it isn't as amazing as all that. . . I love kids, and I love fish. MY child is also in the class - I love her most of all, and I'm fairly determined to be a part of her world in as many ways as I can be - especially now that she's in school and starting on her own life journey, and also to set the example that when you see something that is wrong, in this case a dying fish tank, it's your duty to do what you can to right things, even when it isn't easy. In many respects, this project has been a lot of FUN for me, and it's worth the worry over the tank and the hassle of maintaining a tank away from home for all the joy it brings to all involved.

And truthfully? I feel guilty in many ways because I'm NOT giving these fish the care that they should be getting. I don't feel that a kindergarten is a very good place for a fish-tank in the first place. It's noisy, a bit chaotic, and young children and fish aren't exactly the best combination that ever was. The poor fish get entirely TOO much attention during class-time, and are left to fend for themselves, wholly unattended, when the school is closed. If I were truly putting the needs of the fish first, Iíd shut down the tank - but that isnít my call.

All in all, I hope you're right. If the children (and by default their parents and teachers) come out of this experience with the understanding that we have to learn how to properly care for ALL of the different creatures we keep according to their needs - regardless of how difficult that can be at times - then I will have done my job. And who knows? I have some very vivid memories from when I was a kid in Kindergarten. This tank just might have a more profound effect on them than I can even imagine right now. . . perhaps there are infant biologists among the group who will one day help to save our waters! Lol! I'll be happy if there are a *few* more fish in this world that get proper care. . .

. . . okay, maybe not *quite* speechless after all Thanks again, that was the nicest comment I've ever read!
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How about "You left me less long winded than normal"

And it is my job to tempt! Fish are as adictive as drugs and you are asking an aqua-adict for help with fishly self control? HA!
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HAHAHA! I like that, I do. . .

Hi, my name is Jes, and I'm an aqua-addict. . ."
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I dont think it was over the top, anything to inspire the next generations is always a worth while cause. even if just one of them grows up to treat all animals, pets or otherwise with the respect there due then its all worth it
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Fish will brighten your day even when the world tries to darken it
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Originally Posted by Molinious View Post
I dont think it was over the top, anything to inspire the next generations is always a worth while cause. even if just one of them grows up to treat all animals, pets or otherwise with the respect there due then its all worth it
I agree with you Molinious... I believe as an adult human we have a duty to have a positive influence on the children and teens we come in contact with, every single time! I remember adults in my life clearly who effected who I am, both bad and good and I have chosen the side I wish to be on. Care of animals falls into an easy one... model the behavior and talk about it and you will gain their respect and they will remember!

Good job Ches!
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YOU TWO ARE THE SWEETEST! Ever. *hugs* Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. . . keeping a tank outside of the home is a difficult thing - especially when one runs into problems with illness, etc. And. . . if it were adults viewing, it would be a whole different thing - but the kids. . . their hearts break easily. LUCKILY, they also mend quickly at this age :)
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Ahhh that's true... good old kids, will forget the last one as soon as it s replaced.... makes life easier for them, but not for you jes.....

And I know what you mean.... I worry enough about mine when I come to work - fretting now over the puffers for instance! - but having to leave them each night, all weekends, and tbh, most of the time is a killer I bet with a tank that's been through so much!
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Update on the sick one:

Because I run a home daycare 3 days a week, I'm not always able to go into class at pickup time to check on things. The teacher went in on Saturday to put the 1st dose of medication in the tank for me (I can't get in without her when the school is closed, anyway, so it didn't make sense for me to go in just to dump powders into the tank). We scheduled it for Monday, so that we could stick with our 'normal' water change routine - easier that way. She got the meds in at 3:00, so the next dose was scheduled for Monday at the end of day - 48 hours later. I gave her the next dose, because I can't get to the school on Monday afternoon, and. . . she forgot. *BANGSHEAD* So the 2nd dose ended up going in on TUESDAY at 8am. Next dose will be tomorrow, and . . . I'm going to try to get into the school on Sunday for a water change. The PROBLEM is that I can't get into the school without a key, and the teacher will be out of town, so I'm talking to the secretary to find out if there will be anyone around this weekend to let me in. If not, I won't be able to do a change until Wednesday. . . I can drop some charcoal in on Monday, but. . .

Question: Will they be okay 'soaking' in the meds for an extra couple of days if I can't get into the school this weekend? I'm REALLY hoping so, because it isn't looking good. I'm also hoping that being 17ish hours late for the 2nd dose won't really affect anything. . .

So this morning, the fish looked really good (comparatively) at first glance...I don't know if I mentioned that the day he stopped eating, he also started hiding in the corner, but today his appetite is wonderful, he's swimming very actively with the rest, his orange remains vibrant, and his respiration is still normal. . . all great signs! BUT. . . it looks like his spine may be bent. Not twisted, but hunched - like an upside down 'u' or a frown. It's hard to tell if it's only because he's so thin that it looks that way, but compared to the healthy Platy that are light enough in color to see, it seems as if his spine has a definite curvature to it. Another bad sign is that there are patches on his body that seem to be darkening slightly in color. I don't know much about fish disease, and haven't had too much experience in this are, but I've read that both spine issues and 'black spots' on the skin can be signs of TB in fish (of course, so can NO symptoms). . . so now I'm even more confused as to what I should do with him. . .

Question: Have any of you ever seen this? Any ideas what else it could possibly be? Do you think I should remove him from the tank and bring him home to QT?

I imagine that since he's been in there so long already, and being the second fish to have these symptoms, the damage is done, if it's going to be. But I *think* I remember reading that fish TB is incurable - and also that the symptoms are very similar to a lot of other things. He's ACTING like he's feeling so much better, though to look at him. . . he looks terrible. I just don't know what to do!

Anyone with more experience have any advice?

With him acting so energetic and feeding so well, I feel like there's hope, but the cards keep stacking up against the poor little guy. I suppose time will tell. I'll see if I can get a picture of the poor thing this afternoon when I go in to pick up my daughter from school. *sigh*
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This is the one that wasn't eating properly for a while, right? It's possible it's a calcium deficiency from the lack of proper eating for a while there to go with what he's already got going on. In other words, rickets. Not cureable, but manageable.
If I recall correctly, TB causes the spine to get a more...ziggy look over a bent one.

I have heard that a curved spine can also happen from big stress for livebearers. Dunno if there's truth to it, but it can turn into Shimmies. And I have no idea about any of this stuff, just stuff I've read. But it's ideas for you at least.
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Hope you're right, Sylver. I always got the same impression with the 'ziggy' spine. . . we shall see. Hopefully he lives long enough to fatten up again!
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