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This is a discussion on Project Kindergarten within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> My big net? Well, I have to guess here...I think it's 5x5x4 if I did that right, five inches long, five deep and four ...

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My big net? Well, I have to guess here...I think it's 5x5x4 if I did that right, five inches long, five deep and four wide. Hrm, bigger than a lot of nets. Might be 6x6x5. It's a pretty good size. It'd be ok to raise a single kid in to about an inch long, but when you get a group of babies, you can only keep them in there for so long, depending on the numbers. If you have less than ten, you could keep them in it two weeks. Anymore and it's not good to keep them longer than one. A single baby would be fine in there until he's big enough to not be eaten.
I like to put plants in mine, some little stem plants that can free float. The adults WILL pick at the net, but if he's got plants to hide about in, he wont get too stressed and they wont see him as often. But usually the adults are picking at the net for the food, not the baby. Like algae or food the baby doesn't eat. This is also why I usually put a small snail or two in with them, though the fish still pick, they don't as much.
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They are adorable little guys. I love frogs, we have two regular bullfrogs out in the pond, and they're just darling.
Yeah, I can just imagine the mess of them trying to feed her :p That would be awful.

And snails are just so cute :3

Have you thought about shrimp, maybe? Just for something on the bottom? Or would the frogs try to eat them, lol.
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Well, they get to learn about pet care hun including the fact that sometime, no matter how hard you try, they just don't make it and that's a good life lesson

Glad you like my little trick hun! Works great is I have mine in EXTREAMLY soft water. I drop just a bit of ground eggshell in my water every great once in a while to raise hardness, but with apple snails, it's mostly a food issue that causes shell problems. Mine had shell problems until I started adding the calcium to their waffers and now... well, you've seen the pics of my pretty babies

Btw, the ideal temp for mystery snails is 76-78 F with good temp give or take 2 degrees. That is in the range of most tropical species, so don't worry
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Sylver... I might be thinking of someone else, I'm sorry! I really thought it was you with all your babies, lol. My net is the standard size one - but I was talking about the bigger breeder baskets. They're plastic, not netting, and I thought they were bigger. I'll have to do some digging and see what I can find. He'd be okay to hang out in the breeder net for a week if he has to, but I'd rather it were a bit bigger. I always put foliage into the baskets, too - but with tiny fry, that leaves plenty of swimming room. With a full grown Platy, not so much :(

Jen... Shrimp would be soooo CoOL! I have been thinking about shrimp for ages - I want some so bad! But I'm not comfortable with to putting them into the Kindy tank because *I* haven't kept them myself yet. I'm sure it'd be fine, but I worry enough about that darn tank without adding a creature that I'm unfamilliar with. They'd really love it, but I think I'd be stressed out about the little guys!

Blue... You're right - tropical temps are totally in the range of Apples. In nature they live, well, in Florida! They have a season of warm and a season of cool, and they hibernate during the cooler months, and become very active during the warmer months. Their 'safe' temperature range is actually broader than that! To my understanding, as long as the temp range is between 65 - 82F, they'll be fine - and perfectly comfortable. But Apples are funny creatures in that the temperature they're kept in dramatically affects their lifespan. Their metabolism actually speeds up when the temperatures are warmer and they become more active (and fun to watch!), but it also shortens their lifespan. So while they can live out their entire lives perfectly comfortably in a tropical fish-tank kept at 78f, they'll only live for 12-18 months or so (as a general rule - I'm sure this varies!), but if they live in cooler water, they have a life expectancy of over 3 years, depending on the temperature! Really just. . . amazing animals! But I was really sad when I lost Mayla, and I decided that if/when I kept these snails again, I'd do it in cooler water, so they could live longer - even if it meant they wouldn't be *quite* so active. Either way is fine - ALL of these temperatures are okay as far as the snail is concerned. And it's okay with me, too, really. Snaily might not live as long as s/he COULD, but s/he'll still be happy while s/he's with us. I know they're gonna LOVE her!!! I'm really excited to have an Apple again, to be honest. LOVE them. :)

Oh, and I've always supplemented the snails diet with foods high in calcium, but in my tanks, I can't raise the hardness (except in the livebearer tank), because all my fish are softies :) I think your way sounds like it'll be a lot of fun for the kids, though - I can see them having a blast soaking the snails food in the cuttlebone and stuff. They'll love to learn about WHY, too - and feel very important over doing this extra step to keep their babies healthy! Awwwwww. . . they're so sweet!
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Oh, well I have a plastic one as well, but it's not nearly as big . It claims it can fit three fish in it, but I'd never put more than one adult in there unless I didn't have much other choice. lol They're also handy for little ones. Can't be picked at as easily, however I still suggest you add in some plants. Especially with the plastic ones because there's too much visibility and it causes stress, and when the babies get stressed, they press against the sides and sometimes adults yank them out by their tails through the vents...which kills them. =( I don't like those very much, but I only have problems when I haven't got plants floating around. It makes less space, but as babies, that is what they like. lol

And I forgot to say, yes, that is a nice looking hi-fin. I've been wanting one of those for so long, but I never could find any nice looking boys. Do the females also get the hi-fins? Because whenever I go, they claim they are, but they don't look hi-finny in the least and are always female. I want a single good looking hi-fin male. :3 Good looking male that isn't sick or ripped up, color matters not. I like them. ;D
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Yeah, and soaking to food wont mess with water hardness either!

The temp thing is what the people told me. They have that HUGE temp range, but do best between 76 and 78. It's the right mix for them.

Well, I think still has that good deal on Cherry Shrimp. Like 20 for $23 or something like that? As long as you feed them the waffers like I told you, they should be fine. You can alternate between wafers and sinking pellets to give them a complete diet. Mine LOVE Betta pellets which can be sunk by getting them a bit wet. I would bypass my other fish by releasing them deep in the tank using a turkey baster. Basic invert rules apply (check labels for copper!).
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I also have a twenty gallon nursery tank, if that's what you meant, used to have the ten gallon for that(I assume you know you're talking about a net though, I'm just teasing a bit, so you know =p), but as you know, I got swamped with babies. LOL

Ouh, I'd love to have an apple snail, but then someone told me they'd get as big as my face. o-o; I assume that was an exaggeration, but I know they still get pretty big. Something like...almost softball size, isn't it? If I ever get like a 125 gallon tank, I'd consider getting a couple. I'm sure they don't need quite that much space, but I'd feel better for them. lol I like my mystery snails though, oddly they seem to have personality. Well, three of mine do. I have six of them, three are blues or ivory(some look more white, others look blue), one is kinda green, and the other is this giant...mahogony? I'm bad with odd color names. Like uh, the color of darker finished pine wood I suppose, with black stripes. Couple of them put their feelers out when I come over to the glass to look at them. ^^; It's kinda odd, but I like snails. My grandma HATED them until I got her some mystery snails. Now she's miffed I took them back because she complained. "Where are my snails?!" She says. LOL
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Oooh! Blue! Stop tempting me with those shrimp, it's just mean!!! Maybe NEXT time I have a Kindy tank, I'll try shrimpies. :) For now I'm trying to CLOSE tanks, not add to them - and I think my little Rams would enjoy them as a snack, lol!

I've seen Apple snail and Mystery snail used to refer to the same snail, though it can be one of several species, from what I can tell, they're all fairly similar. I agree with you, Sylver - they really do have loads of personality. Lovely little creatures!
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Shrimpies are awsome to watch!!!!!!!!!!! If youv got a sedate community tank then introduce a few CRS if theyve got hiding places theyll survive prety well! Also any excess food on the bottom and any debris tends to be cleared away, there like the recyclers or street cleaners
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Can i just say iv read the entire thread from start to finish and well there should be more people as dedicated as you have been with both the tank and the little ones. if there were more inspirational people teaching children not only about how to look after fish but all animals then maybe just maybe animals in our care as they have no choice would all live longer and better lives. Some parts of what you wrote made me both chuckle and brought a random tear to my eye.

truly inspirational and you deserve all the credit and praised that has been lavished upon you

Brilliant work, superb!!
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