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This is a discussion on Project Kindergarten within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> A bit of a mixed bag in the tank this morning! I see that one of the other male Platy, who otherwise looks well, ...

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Old 01-25-2013, 08:29 AM   #101
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A bit of a mixed bag in the tank this morning! I see that one of the other male Platy, who otherwise looks well, has a pimple on his chin O.o I don't know if I'm jumping at shadows at this point, but I'm considering taking him out of there just in case. Only problem is that, I don't know where to PUT him! I don't want to possibly contaminate my 10g frog tank, and the 10g QT tank is being used right now. Can't put him in the plant-only tank, and I don't think that stuffing him into the little 3g with Sunny is going to do anyone any good - they're both males, even if space wasn't an issue. Hrm. . .

On the flipside of things, Little Marcus discovered a new baby in the tank this morning! :D So very exciting! So we removed Sunny, and a baby was born. That tank seems fairly determined to remain at a stocking level of 8 fish. Incredible! His mum is a blue Micky Mouse Platy, we've been watching her pregnancy progress for quite some time, but she's still huge. We'll be watching to see if there are any new babies after the weekend. . . hoping so -and very glad that she's likely going to be delivering while the kids aren't around to see their fry get gobbled for lunch!

Going in for another water change today. I'm upping it to 2x a week for a bit. I don't have time for this, lol, but I HAVE to do what I can to get this tank healthy again, and keeping conditions as clean as possible is the only thing I know how to do - at least unless I can figure out what is actually wrong with them. . . and if it's curable! So my week-days off will be spent cleaning their tank... good thing my 2 year old likes playing in the classroom. She's SO patient and good while we're there, but I feel bad for her. We should be off doing fun stuff, not hanging out in a classroom changing tank water! Meh. June. . .
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Old 01-25-2013, 08:38 AM   #102
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What EXACTLY happens in June?
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Old 01-25-2013, 08:38 AM   #103
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Raise the babies! And hand one in a bag to each kid...... the parents will love you! *nods head*
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Old 01-25-2013, 09:19 AM   #104
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Ooooooh, that is SO not gonna happen! That's nearly as bad as handing out goldfish as fair prizes! A few of the kids DO have home tanks, and if they're interested in taking them home, and if - after speaking to their parents - I feel that they'd take good care of them and the tank is suitable, SURE! They can bring 'em home! But I'm not making any extra effort to keep or raise live-bearer fry! I want there to be a few in the tank for the kids to fall in love with and learn from - we have that. That's enough for me! I'm not AT the school all of the time, so there really isn't any way for me to save them, anyway. I just don't want the kids to get upset when they see 'em get eaten!

June is the end of this school year... and the end of my adventures with this Kindergarten tank. The fish will be coming home with me (unless someone else really wants them), and we'll go from there. It'll be MUCH easier to handle things here at home :)
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Old 01-25-2013, 09:21 AM   #105
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Fish AND tank goes home with Ches!! See!!... tanks multiply too just like live bearers!! Score!!
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Unless you just killed them all. And filled the tank with puffers.......

I'm just SAYING.........


Ands i know you wouldnt just hadn't them out, that was again for my own amusement Maybe a few of the kids might actually want the tank at the end of the year though, wouldnt be surprised if a few got overly attached etc.
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Old 01-25-2013, 10:16 AM   #107
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NOOOOO!!!! No more tanks! LOL! You're SO right, Jakie - they DO multiply! I had seven, including this one... then I got it down to FIVE (I was so proud) and one month later I'm up to EIGHT. I'm really working on consolidating some of these tanks, lol. I don't have enough TIME to enjoy them all.

Anyway - the actual tank IS the teacher's, as is the substrate (I made her reimburse me for it, since it would be staying with her) The light, the heater - both hers also. I replaced her filter with one of mine, and I'll take it back at the end of the year (hers is in storage at the school). The fish, I paid for, and the plants came from my tanks - and I refused to let her reimburse me for those, so that I wouldn't feel bad at the end of the school year to do with them as I choose. So I'm going to bring them home and put them in MY 29g live-bearer community - of course that depends on the health of the fish by then... IF the teacher expresses the desire to bring our community home with her, then I'm all for that. She's learned enough this year that I think she'll care for them properly (as well as future generations of Kindy tanks). I'd be happy to help her tear down and set up the tank in her home - I'll even come by once a month or so to check in on things if she wants me to. But. . . I doubt that will happen, as she travels a lot in the summer. *shrugs*

Nile... Puffers will come in their own time. Just not yet - and I have PLENTY of my own tanks, including two fully cycled, planted, 10 gallon setups - into which I could pop a Puffer at any moment. Not ready yet. Great try, tho ;)
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Ouh, does that blue MM platy baby look anything like my "Mystery" babies? =D I've got a few babies that look like those mystery babies I had a while back. I have no idea what happened to the one I had left. =( I am not sure if the ones I have in there now, who are identical to him, are from my calico platies(they look nothing like the majority of the babies except in shape, but that just means they may have had a different daddy). I had one, but he vanished. And that little swordtail I got a while back that was half black and half white...I think I accidentally gave him to Fish Guy. T________T He came early and I was frazzled and still half asleep. lol So I gave him a few I meant to keep. Oh well, he'll take good care of them. But it would be fun to know what those little ones's quite possible they're even my vanished younglings, or even came from one of my blue MM did shrink and I didn't find babies right off.

As for what's going on with your fishies...once I'm feeling better I have to make a pet shop run, and I'm going to ask Petshop Guy if he has any ideas about what you're facing. He's very good at figuring out illnesses and what to do for them...but I have to say, it sounds like some-sort of parasite or bacterial infection...or both. The sores may be from the parasites taking the nutrients from the fish and causing their bodies to kapoof in all manner of ways. If he knows what to do, maybe you can prevent anything further from happening.

And come on, what's one more tank? More fun, I say! I want more tanks. :3 I want like...twenty more tanks. Maybe more!
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Nine. That would make it NINE tanks. I disagree with this idea! I do all of the maintenance myself, and I don't have a fish-room or anything... No. Thanks, but no. I'd really like to get down to Becoming, upgrade that tank to a 125g, and then have 1-2 SMALL species-only setups for some of the other fish I really like that won't go well with my main community. I DO have young children and a husband of my own to care for, too - not to mention two dogs, a cat, and the daycare I run! If I have no time to sit back and ENJOY each tank, it's not worth having them, imho. :) But YOU go ahead. Sylver, you WILL eventually end up with 20 tanks! I'm sure of it. And if that will make you happy, then I'm down! But for ME - no thank you!

Could be blue MM fry... they look exactly like the older MM Platy, though. You were describing something different. The kids are super excited that one of ours is starting to show his little 'mickey mouse mark' on his tailfin :) Oh, and we now officially have FOUR fry in the tank - one more since this morning! We'll see how many more (or less) there are on Monday. :D

Go ahead and ask your Petshop Guy - you can even show him the pictures if you can get online with your phone. They've already been treated with the Metro and Prazi that *should* have taken care of a lot of options, though there are resistant strains of everything out there these days. *sigh* Wait and see. . .

The kids took the news of our sick patient's move into my home hospital tank very well, thankfully, and they've been asking about him every day when they see me. I hope I have something positive to report back to them soon. . . but I'm doubtful. It is what it is, and unfortunately, all a part of fishkeeping.
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Well, I hope you have it covered with the illness now. x.x It really just sucks you did all that work only to have illness break out, and you were careful too, and even used your own money on a lot of this, didn't you? =( I wish I had a little five gallon to send you, that way you could move your babies to that and let the kids watch them grow easier.

My more tanks thing was sarcasm. lol Didn't mean to get at you. ^_~ And yes, I know just how you feel with all these things to care for! I have four tanks, two cats, a dog and two ferrets as well as babysitting duties. It really can be a pain to maintain it all, and lately I haven't had as much time to enjoy my work either. lol

I also have some weird outbreak...well, it's not an outbreak, but my orchid betta and my orange betta have something weird going on. At first it was pop-eye, I treated it, pop-eye went down, but then it looked like they had cloudy-eye...that treatment was supposed to work for both but it didn't. It's just not going away and my Orchid looks like he's blind, his eyes have turned silver and his color has gone completely black...other than that they both seem unbothered by it all which makes it even stranger. x.x
And we've all been sick as dogs here to boot, so the work-load and caring for sick pets has really gotten out of hand. My cat is sick as well and the dog is still recovering from his two surgeries. We're trying really hard to keep the ferrets from catching this god awful virus spawn going around as well...though I'm pretty sure they're safe from the norovirus we all got, they're not so safe from the colds. lol Good thing they can't get the norovirus, at least that's what I read, because it would kill them. It almost killed me, worst pain of my life and I've been hit by a truck...this definitely rivaled it in pain....well, pretty darn close to rivaling it. lol I suppose I over-exaggerate sometimes, but eesh!

So much for a better year, eh? I still remain ever hopeful it will get better and stay there. c.c Ah well, at least three of my tanks are in my room, so I can lay here being all sick and somewhat enjoy them. But then I just have to notice all the things I want to change, and think about what I need/want...I want a new plant for one. xD

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