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Predator Tank

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Predator Tank

MY Predator Tank

Last edited by Byron; 07-19-2012 at 05:52 PM.. Reason: removed inappropriate video
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Big waste of money if I ever saw one. Neons are $4 a piece around here and I know a lot of members like myself are affectionate of them, thumbs down from me
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if some big mean Eel came and ate my cardinals i'd eat him, i agree such a waste of money when you can pick up live food so easily
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Good job Byron for taking a inaproprite video away.
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I didn't see the video. These days, about all I have the heart to feed insofar as live food is concerned is baby brine shrimp (and I haven't done that for a while). In the past, I had fish that required live food and it didn't bother me to throw the occasional feeder fish or earthworm in the tank. Even then, it was more of a necessary evil. Just getting more tender- hearted these days. That's OK with me though.
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