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Please help identify my new fish??

I just bought a 90g tank with assorted cichlids from a family that was moving and couldn't take them; I am new to owning these types of fish and don't exactly know what I even have in there. Can you take a look at the pictures help tell me what I have so I can learn more about them??







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lol a mixture of a lot of chilids you have there. from what i can remember. the last pic is a severum i'll let the rest come name the rest lol

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You may want to look at some rearranging of stock there... it looks like they just threw a bunch of random cichlids in a tank.

In the first picture, the orange fish in the middle with the long fins is actually a comet goldfish, not a cichlid. The red one with speckling in the fourth and fifth images is a jewel cichlid. And I agree with Kitten that the last one is some kind of severum. I'm sure a cichlid fan will be able to name the others for you.
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pic# 1 - comet goldfish (v-shaped tailfin), 3 look like convict cichlids (black strips with rainbow colored belly).
pic# 3 - red zebra cichlid.
pic# 4 - jack dempsey cichlid and the one behind it is a jewel cichlid.
pic# 5 - looks like a severum cichlid.
imho, very bad mix of fish !
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