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tried taking some photos tonight and these were the only two that turned out alright. Daphne (the mickey mouse) is the only fish I've ever seen that will try to pose for pictures.
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hi mickey is minie at home =) cute looking fish you have there.

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cute mickey mouse platty
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Fish don't co-operate much with photo-taking, do they. Beautiful platys.

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which of my platy's are female?

I am brand spanking new to fish keeping and I was drawn to platys. now that I have a few in my 10 gallon one of them had some fry. I now have 4 fry platies and don't know which one is the girl. I want to upgrade to a 20g but don't want to transfer the female to it. I have 2 mickey mouse platys, one red wag, and one yellow one that the LFS didnt give a specific name (just tropical platy). The mickey platys are white so i can see through them pretty much. one has an orange mass at the base of its stomach while the other one doesnt. my gpaw said that one might be the female cause those could be eggs. yet the mickey platys are pretty much the same size while the red wag is noticeably larger though that could mean its older. I dont know. I got the mickey platys from the same place and the red wag a few weeks earlier. I need some help please.
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the physical difference between boys and girls

Female platies have a fin on their bellies, very close to their anus, that looks like an upside down triangle. When they're relaxed it will fan out and you can clearly see the shape of it, usually when they're swimming around they'll have it tucked close to their bodies so it can be hard to see. Male platies have an anal fin that is shaped more like a spear and they use this fin almost like a sex organ when they mate with a female. Here's a photo I found on so you can see what I'm talking about.
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thanks that helps alot. turns out i have 2 females and 2 males. Now i have a mickey and a minnie mouse platy :).
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Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I love platies and am impressed that you have one that will hold still for a camera! I just bought a little bumble bee platy tonight to be friends with one that I've had since March. Now I have two females and I don't believe either one is pregnant, which is okay because I'm not ready for fry.
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Nice pics. I love the first one.

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Still clueless about preggo platy...

Ive hunted and still havent found a straight answer or one i can understand. as mentioned before I'm a fish keeping noob. I have two white mickey mouse platys. one female one male that much has been established. The female has a light orange mass near her anal fin. does that mean she is pregnant or is that just her female parts? One of my female platy has already had fry. I think it was the red wag cause the fry are orange tinted but I'm not sure....
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