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This is a discussion on Pikes! within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> So far so good. They hang out under the driftwood and usually come out when I'm next to the tank looking for food. They ...

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So far so good. They hang out under the driftwood and usually come out when I'm next to the tank looking for food. They love algae wafers for some reason.

I feed them those everyday along with varying meaty foods. Krill, blood worms, guppies, etc. (Live food is once a week)

They won't eat pellets. I have some shrimp pellets and they will bite them then immediately spit them out. Weird.
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Strange that they're eatin the algae wafers. Mine wouldn't eat pellets wouldn't eat anything that wasn't moving really. He was a stubborn little cuss. Was a pretty fish till he smacked into the side of the tank then he was well a pretty dead fish I guess. If I ever had them again I don't think i'd go with less than a 180.
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Nice fish! Be careful as sometimes crenicichla won't tolerate other each other.
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Pikes are cool, but as mentioned, they are dangerously fast, ill tempered, and voracious eaters. I had one in a 30high in my office and it was entertaining to watch them eat live prey. One fella brought in a small crayfish and the battle was one. The pike finally got the crayfish by the rear end and started swallowing. It took a long time as the crayfish wasn't cooperating, but the pike finally got it down. We found exoskeleton parts the next morning so it apparently didn't agree with him. I told that story to say this... My experience with a pike was that they will eat themselves sick (until their stomach is bloated). they'll kill small feeders just to kill if they can't eat. Mine would eat a few fish and then hold one or two in its mouth until he had room in his belly. Huge mouth, huge appetite!
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