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Pictures of my tanks

This is a discussion on Pictures of my tanks within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Well, I have been on this forum for more than a year now and I don't think I have ever posted any pics or ...

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Talking Pictures of my tanks

Well, I have been on this forum for more than a year now and I don't think I have ever posted any pics or vids of my fish and aquariums. Today, I decided not to be lazy and take some pics. :) Here they are:

29 gallon, I don't have a background but I will soon. I am thinking of just painting the back or buying a vinyl background thing. I just find some of the vinyl ones a bit tacky and unnatural. Not that my current background is 'natural'... :) LOL

10 gallon, this is my 10 gallon aquarium. This tank has an algae problem and my snails and amano shrimp don't have enough room in their bellies to eat all that algae, so I plan on finding a solution to that problem.

Sorry that there are only 2 pics. My camera wasn't really cooperating and I couldn't add my 2 videos for some reason. Apparently I am missing some 'security token' or something. I don't really know what to do. But I promise more pics in the near future, but for now, what do you guys think?
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looks good
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thanks xrayjeeper83!
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With nice black backgrounds those tanks are going to look great!
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I used black poster board for my background.It's cheaper than vinyl background.
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That,s a really good idea! I think I will just have to go to the dollar store and get me some poster board. Although poster board does lose it's color with prolonged exposure to the light, especially black poster board.

I also plan on upgrading my lighting on the 29 gallon. The 10 gallon has 50 watts, but the 29 only has 17 watts. I know it's kind of sad. It looks bright though. I want at least 30 watts. AT LEAST.

I wanted to put floating plants, but as soon as I put some duckweed, the fish ate all of them!! I now have some duckweed in the 10 gallon, so hopefully if I put a lot of duckweed at once in the 29 they won't be able to eat it all and then there will be some left!

The 29 gallon is cleaner than the 10 gallon. I have never seen any algae in the 29 gallon! The pair of kribs spawned, but I am not sure if they ate the wigglers or moved them. They are kind of guarding a little ceramic plant ring thing. I didn't think they moved their wigglers, so that's why I think they ate them. The black phantom tetras spawn a lot, but the eggs get eaten right away :( Maybe I will try to breed them one day, in a breeder tank. The swordtails breed, but again the fry get eaten. The male dwarf gourami tries to build bubble nests but there is nowhere to build it and there is too much water movement. I was hoping the floating plants would help! The female dwarf gourami shows lots of interest in him!! But he chases her away :( The Chinese algae eater doesn't really eat algae. He just enjoys himself by up rooting plants and bothering the kribs. He's terrified of them though and I anchored all the plants down so he can't uproot them :)

Still having picture problems, but I will take more once I get the background.
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Hey Dylan94, nice tanks. I agree a black background would look nice.

I'm no plant expert by any means but 50 watts over 10 gallons seems like a lot of light and may be contributing to your algae problem. Just a thought.
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Jeaninel, I completely agree with that. I plan on 'downgrading my lighting and getting some otos and host shrimp.
BTW thanks for all the comments everybody :)
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I love your tanks. I have all sand in my tanks. Pool filter sand and black sand in my smaller tanks. I used black contact paper I found at Walmart for the backs of my tanks it works great as if water gets on the back you do not see the water mark. Foiled wrapping paper works also. At Micheals the long beveled mirrors are about $7.99 each and with a coupon the price is alot lower. It fits pertect in the back of my 10 gal. tank. It makes the 10 gal. tank look deeper then it is. Black backgrounds show off your plants and the fish with the colors look better then the design background. Have you ever thought of tieing the moss onto rocks or driftwood with fishing line. You can use those bath loafas netting and put that around the rocks and moss and twist it on the bottom and use a tie wrap to secure it at the bottom. this works really well. It's easy to trim the moss you just take the rocks out and trim them with scissors.
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