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Actually I have been dosing alittle of everything.

Calcium (Calcium Carbonate tablets)
Nitrates (KNO3)
Phosphates (KH2PO4)
CSM+B (iron and micros)
Potassium (Pottasium tablets)
Magnesium (MgSO4, Epsom Salts)

The plants actually "look" worse right now as the rest of the old leaves finally had to be removed but I am getting new growth off all of the rhizomes and even in places I never thought I would get it from the oldest piece, the actual original rhizome that sprouted all of the ones I have now. It has 7 new starts and could make fopr one fo the best looking cernterpeieces I have ever seen, if all the starts take off and grow. I also have a tiny piece, about 5/8 inch long that I thought was dead which is also putting out 6-8 starts and could be another good show piece in a year or so.

My Ludwigia is coming back nicely as it has a lot of new starts and my Cabomba is being Cabomba, slow grower but in such hard water I am surprised it is still growing at all.

I will get pictures after I change the water today.
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thanks for letting me know, :)
look forward to the pics of progress,it's nice to know that
there is often hope after a disaster.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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This picture is a little blurry, well ok a lot but it shows the largest clsuter of the rhizomes I was to save and the most complete. I thought I would have to seperate all the off shoots but they have stayed in tact rather well. If they all recover and grow at any sustained rate, this should make one really nice centerpiece in a few months. The growth is excruciatingly slow but I think once I get more substrate in there, the tank cycled, a lot more leaves and some good new roots I should see what it will become rather quickly.

This is a picture of a tiny section of the first and only rhizome I bought that spanwed all of the rhizomes I have now. This piece has 6-10 starts on it and will be totally awesome if I get it to survive and have even 3-5 of the offshoots grow into new rhizomes. You can see aother angle of the top picture, and clearer one that shows the massive roots system that will hopefully have that one recovering the fastest. The one on the left is another long on that has numerous starts all along the rhizome.

This is one of my longer rhizomes and one of them that I thought would have died for sure because all the leaves were looking terrible. It now has 2-3 new leaves and if you look really close, there are starts of new leaves all along the rhizome. I have never dealt with this before so I don't know if they will simply be more leaves or if they will turn out to be rhizome splits. You can also see some of the Bacopa, Ludwigia and Wisteria growing nicely in the background. Slow growing but still hanging in there.

All in all I am extremely suprised and happy with what looks like a potential full recovery from all the rhizomes and the other plants. If all the little new growth along the long rhizomes turn out to be new rhizome splits then I think I will have some totally awesome massive centerpieces in a year or so. I hope It wasn't a mistake to move some of them into the cycling tank in the state they are in but we will see. The cycling tank is extremely cloudy right even after a water change but I have always had coudiness problems with new substrate and cycling even if I rinse the gravel really well.

Tank parameters 8 days into cycle, Switched form food to pure ammonia for cycle. Less mess and easier to regulate, I hope.
Ammonia is 1ppm by adding 3 drops pure ammonia to 10 gallon tank
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 0
pH 7.0
Have not tested GH or KH but am thinking on getting them to 3-5 degrees to help plant growth. Might add some potassium, magnesium and calcium. I am already adding trace to the tank to help them survive, hopefully. I just put the Anubias Nana rhizomes in the tank yesterday.

Can't wait to start seeing nitrites, no seeding in tank, starting completely from scratch.
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Top picture is of the smallest one again. The leaves are growing slowly but should take off once the roots get fuller. The second one is my eventual centerpiece (I hope). It has 4 splits and if it fills out much at all it will be an absolute monster Nana by the end of the year. The last picture was an attempt to show the little new spikes that turn out to be leaves. I think every one of them will be a new rhizome split and if they are they will also become monsters in about a year. There is 7-12 of them on each one of the long rhizomes. Here I was simply hoping for the ends to grow and I may wind up with some absolutely huge show specimens. I may have to decide sooner or later which ones to keep and which ones to sell/trade as my 10 gallon tanks won't take much more growth from them if they do take off anything like they did before.

I you look really close at the last picture, middle rhizome on the far right end you can see a new leaf on there. I didn't even notice it until I looked at the pictures myself.
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