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Oscar Update!

This is a discussion on Oscar Update! within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> the albino one looks soo ferocious!!...

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the albino one looks soo ferocious!!
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iamntbatman--its been about three monthes since I last posted their length, so you are probly right about their growth!! they are like weeds!!

1077--Thank You Mucho!!!

bf2king--Thank you as well!!!

southafrica1001--Thank You Mucho,and I will!!!

frogman6--They are in a 80 gallon long, and Thank you!!!

aunt kymmie--Thank you, and oh let me tell you how hard they bite now.I was cleaning the inside glass on tuesday, I use these spiecial clothes that came with my gold fish starter kit.I was wipin away and all of a sudden OUUUUCH!!.I pulled my hand out and noticed drip,drip,drip,drip, blood was running from my index finger!. Whitey(the Albino), had got me good!!! I guess he bit my finger and then vigorously shook side to side and that is what sliced open the flesh,cuz let me tell you it BLED,I ran it under the tap for around three minutes till it finally stopped bleeding.OH MY GOD! it really hurt!!I have had major surgery on my spine for scoleosis,had titanium rodds inserted in my spine and Whiteys bite still made me do a little jog in place!! I have ALOT OF RESPECT FOR HIS TANK NOW!

tmz--YOU ARE JUST COOL!!!---do you know that,you are as cool as my friend Kate from this forum.(always have a good thing to say).


thank you all, you all kick ass!!
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