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There are 2 tanks. Which one. The tank with the koi looks like my feeder tank. The tank with the discus --- I have African cichlid tanks with a much higher population than that tank. Its all about water conditions. If you have a manageable system that can handle 100 fish and sufficient swimming area then put 100 fish in the tank. Personally, I like to see a tank that is well balanced and has alot of movement. I do hope I'm commenting about the correct tank.
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Okay, so it madders about the water parameters, you say, well if the water stats are good then you can put as many fish in there ti'll there not good. Right? NOT right. That makes the fish really stressed out and stunts there growth/life...I would highly recommend not doing that...

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Originally Posted by Nick
That makes the fish really stressed out and stunts there growth/life...
Yes, I agree. A tank should never be cramped with lots of fish regardless of what your water parameters are. Too many fish--->>aggression and stress issues though there are exceptions which the pet stores often apply. They stock as many fish as they want to prevent aggression. Still, this is a bad idea IMO if they're cramped for a long time. If fish are sold out fast, not a problem as long as they're in excellent health conditions though I doubt fish in overcrowded conditions are healthier than those in understocked tanks.
Overcrowded tanks also have very high nitrate level depending on what fish they have. High nitrate levels inhibit fish's growth. With goldfish and carps cramped, I doubt they're healthy when you buy them.

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Originally Posted by herefishy
There are 2 tanks. Which one. - I have African cichlid tanks with a much higher population than that tank.
here's the thing w/ african cichlids...they are actually the only fish I know of that are recommended to be put in higher populations due to their aggressiveness. again..overfiltering is essehntial.
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It's a shame they wasted their money on so many fish, especially the discus. Poor fish- inevitably dead.

You so cool.
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Yea i have seen that before you posted it i think it is sick.
the poor discus :'(
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