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Olympia's Tanks :)

This is a discussion on Olympia's Tanks :) within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> The white is still pretty epic. But the black is def more eye catching. What about clown knife fish? Too bad that black ghost ...

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The white is still pretty epic. But the black is def more eye catching. What about clown knife fish?
Too bad that black ghost knifes aren't 3 inches shorter!
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Clown and royal knives are the biggest, they can get 3 feet or more. ;)
There's also glass knife fish which grow 18" (so close!)
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Hmm well the 20 gallon is overloaded with hornwort. However I'm saving it for the new tank.
The final stock for the 20 gallon will involve 6 threadfins, 7 pygmy cories, and 6 marble hatchet fish. Plus the 5 three lined cories, probably going to get another to replace Stubby. Maybe more if I decide it's not crowded.
I went to the LFS today to try and find at least one of these (they had the hatchets last time). Came upon a sign that said:
"Closed early due to the heat."
>__> Thank you, LFS.

The 75 gallon grew over night, I remeasured it and it's actually a 90 gallon. It was sold to me as a 90 but then I thought it was 75 and it turns out the guy wasn't lying about it. xD We're doing a complete reseal on the tank so hopefully that'll be done by Tuesday, then I can do the water test and in the mean while look for rocks. Driftwood... I know collecting isn't a good idea according to some.. but the amount of driftwood I need will run me over $100. Going to look around in another store but not hopeful about this situation..
The tank will also have a natural leaf litter, and sand. :3

The stocking has been revised, just so you guys know. And yes I like the visuals.
x1 African knife

x1-2 Ctenopoma

x1-3 African butterflies

x9 (maybe more if the LFS gives me a deal) Congo Tetra.

Some fish taken out, new additions:

x3 Ropefish:

x1 Long finned senegal bichir (if it can be found):

x1 Delhezi bichir:

Thanks to Tazman and a local ad I've replaced the kribensis with these. They are larger and therefore more safe in the tank than the kribensis (which I've been getting about 50/50 replies on whether they're safe or not with big fish). Probably going to pick up 5 juvies and grow them out. The breeder says they're going fast so I have to get them this week.. They have to wait in a 6 gallon with an Aquaclear 20 for now.. But he says they're only .5 inches so I think they'll be okay in it for a few weeks. I'm being set back a bit because now I have to wait until these guys are a bit bigger before I can start introducing other fish, hopefully they'll reach 1" in 3 weeks so I can at least add the congos, which also need some time to grow out.
If you're wondering about the rush to get them, they are pretty uncommon and I've never seen them around nor heard of them until now.

Buffalo head cichlid:

I'm looking into some synodontis but I'm not sure which kind I want as of yet.

I know this seems like a LOT more than originally planned with all these giants, but I greatly underestimated how much it's safe to stock and these guys should all be comfy at full size in the tank. The bichir and the ropefish coexist very peacefully together and are related. With the kribensis out, I'm pretty much worry free with this tank, minus the potential aggression from the ctenopoma.

As for feeding this tank.. I'm probably going the home made fish food route for most of their diet as they will eat me out of house and home otherwise. The ropefish do not accept prepared foods at all, so I may just put the whole tank on fresh foods. Which is a daunting idea, but I've been reading up on it and it seems fine to do so as long as you mix things up. Bugs and fish really should be good. And NO feeder fish, I mean like grocery store fish cut up, and silversides.. and NO beef heart because there's too much controversy on feeding it.

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Goodness, girl!!! You broke out of the betta box with FLARE, I gotta give you that! I can't comment at all on stocking or feeding or aggression issues - I know you well enough to know that you're putting a lot of time and research into that on your own, hooray for you and being awesome! However, I CAN tell you that these are some gorgeous creatures you've decided on, and I am really ridiculously excited for you! I can't wait to watch this new tank develop - as well as the 20g - and see what you come up with to make everything work in harmony. Kudos to you, hon. . . you rock my socks!
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Since I *ALSO* like the visuals. . .

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Yep, this is turning into a tank of beasts for sure. I've been watching a ton of videos (great new way to research!) and the bichir, ropefish, knife and buffalo cichlid all seem very peaceful. Really the only "aggression" they have is when they can eat someone it seems.

Yes I've been putting a ton of work into figuring this tank out. I've used everything from aqua advisor to other forums. Youtube is nice but just from a video it's impossible to tell what's REALLY going on in a tank, and whether or not the person knows what they're doing so I take the videos pretty lightly.

Everyone will have enough food and cover so I think that's what matters.

The buffalo cichlids are .5".. it's going to be forever before I can add the big guys in, I have a feeling they're slow growers. The guy agreed to 5 of them for $20 so I'm pretty excited to see these lil guys. Hopefully my dad will drive me on Monday to get them. I'm getting photos tomorrow, I hope the parents are nice looking. The seller has a ton of cichlid ads up so I THINK he knows what he's doing.

ORR... I could always do a planted betta tank.
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You could do a planted betta tank TOO!!! What do your parents think of your odd fish selection? I hope they're as excited about it as you are (and me!) I also really like to look up fish behavior on YouTube, taken with a grain of salt, as you say - but still it's nice to be able to see these creatures moving around in someone else's tank. Sometimes it's eased my mind about random oddities I find in the creatures I keep! :)

I think it's cool that you'll be getting these guys so young and have a clear idea of their actual age, though I know it can be tougher keeping parameters perfect for the smaller ones, and there is more room for human error and/or illness or natural defects to present itself while they're young. I'm sure you'll do great with them, and how NEAT to be able to see such a bitty thing turn into such a huge and beautiful animal!

I'm too excited for you, dear!!! *hugs*
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My mom doesn't like them at all. My dad saw a photo of a bichir and said nothing. All is well in my house. I think my dad will secretly fall for them however. Teehee!

I'm paranoid about the baby cichlids.. 6 gallons is such a small space. I'll shove some hornwort in there and test the water all the time, hopefully they'll pull through. I don't know that FIVE adults will live together, even in the 90, so I may have to get rid of some once a pair forms. Everyone recommends buying a group of juvies to allow a pair to form naturally so that's what I'm doing. I've never kept cichlids so these guys should be interesting.
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Here's the father of the baby cichlids. Probably picking them up tomorrow, otherwise this week. ^-^

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LOL! He's darker, but otherwise is in the EXACT SAME POSITION as the other picture. Is that, like, their pose for pictures, or . . . do they kind of sit on the ground and bob? Can't wait to find out. . . they're really neat looking fishies, for sure!
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