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This is a discussion on Olympia's Tanks :) within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> I came home to a $2 goby with a $5 shrimp in it's mouth. Gobies. Out. Of. Tank. Now. I put them in a ...

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Old 07-14-2012, 09:20 PM   #41
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I came home to a $2 goby with a $5 shrimp in it's mouth. Gobies. Out. Of. Tank. Now.
I put them in a 4 gallon tub. Doesn't seem like much chance I'll set up a brackish tank tomorrow, they're probably going back. But I love them oh so much. :/

No more dwarf puffer either.. I came home with ANOTHER betta today that took up the DP's place.

To replace the gobies I got a farlowella, which is actually what I was originally supposed to get as per Byron's recommendation, until I decide to be random and get gobies. >_> He's just acting like a stick stuck to glass for now.
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Old 07-14-2012, 10:19 PM   #42
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*cries* Maaaaaan. . . who would ever have thought that something so darn CUTE could be so MEAN!!! Those frogs are NOT mean - that Goby IS! They shouldn't name cute little creatures adorable name like Goby. It's misleading.

*HUGS* I'm sorry and sad that things didn't work out the way you planned. But HUZZAH for a new pretty baby betta, and a farlowella *googles to find out wth THAT is*

Once again we have learned 1. Never make impulsive decisions in fishkeeping - most ESPECIALLY when something looks cute, and 2. ALWAYS listen to Byron, who knows all things!

I think it's time for another series of PICTURES!!!! YAY!!!!

EDIT: OOOOH! A tiny little catfish!!! How dainty and skinny and cute - in a mini crocodile kinda way. . . He's like. . . the ANTI Sparky. I luff him!!!
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Old 07-15-2012, 06:00 AM   #43
Nice tank.

Any shots of the new farlowella?
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Old 07-15-2012, 03:33 PM   #44
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The gobies went back today. The lady was surprised that one so small ate an adult shrimp. I was SO upset. I was thinking of just letting them stay in the 6 gallon tub- I have a filter and heater... But then I'd have to go through fish in cycling, I have no plants for it... blah. The one that ate the shrimp spit up a bunch of blood worms overnight and her abdomen was bright red when I looked. :( I hope it passes. The lady just put her right back in the tank, even after I showed her. O__O I really wanted to take her back after that. Ugh.
Someday when I have the resources I'll set up a nice brackish goby tank in their honor.

Now, moving on.. First the new betta. Petsmart just got halfmoons in (Canada is very behind). I went to look at the halfmoons. Next thing I knew I had run down to Michael's nearby to buy divider material. After watching a little veil tail being dragged to his death with one of those betta cubes, I was so bummed I didn't want to get one, knowing that all the ones I didn't get would probably end up the same way as the veil tail. But then, I was putting this guy down, and he just gave the biggest FLARE at my shirt. So I couldn't say no. I'm so weak.
I've named him Kamikaze, it really suits him, I've never seen a betta go from a cup, and be able to zoom around a 10 gallon heavily filtered (for a betta) tank with no problems like that. Right now he's back in his cup because I found him sitting with Reuben today. I need to find something to secure that divider more, and make a jump guard, because I think he jumped.
But my betta are very weird. When I found them, Reuben was flaring at him, touching his face, and he was just sitting there, submitting. No damage to anyone. Last time (and the only time) Reuben got with Gilbert, I was cleaning the tank and accidentally knocked the divider and he got through, same thing. I have weird betta, they don't seem to attack each other.
Reuben is the alpha fish though, but he's a just leader, he sees no point in shredding his neighbors up.


(angry Reuben beside him)

Now, 20 gallon. I added some stones I bought at Micheal's yesterday too. I scratched them really hard, but there was no wax (which some decorative stones have, always good to scratch them as a test), did a vinegar test, and washed them in hot water. So they should be good.
I just need to know what you guys think! I'm not sure if it looks good like this or not!

And this is the farlowella, named "Farlow" by Sakura. God bless the Petsmart lady, I told her I wanted him exactly and she spent 5 minutes chasing him around. I just love the dark markings, the others didn't have those nice stripes. They all look amazingly healthy, really fat bellies and everything......... Petsmart had them on those white 7 day feeder blocks. And they loved them, like they covered them. I swear, weirdest thing ever considering the fish in question.
About 20 minutes after he got in, the cories came in and gave him an initiation or something. They all started bouncing up and down on him. It was really weird. "one of us! one of us! we accept you! we accept you!"

And just some tank photos. The cories, I swear. I know it's normal for some size difference, but that one cory is a MONSTER. Actually there's 2 of them that are at 3", which is over what they should be. They were all bought at the same time and size and everything! And everyone seems healthy!

Family photo. 4/6 of them at least.

Also, don't know if this is normal, I thought ADFs were bottom dwellers, but mine spend almost all their time tangling themselves in the plants. Like, they love being in the plants. The first time I thought one was stuck, but they're in there so much now. They are fat fat fat frogs.

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Old 07-15-2012, 09:11 PM   #45
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Ooooh!!! Kamikaze is so PRETTY!!! Sounds like he's doing fantastically in his new home. . . Thank goodness Reuben is a nice fishy - though he DOES look scary in that picture O.o Good thing you found them before anybody got hurt!

Betta are awesome, but. . . you betta people are weird. It's like you all have some compulsion to collect them all or something??! I LOVE ShimmerBlue, and I ALWAYS look at the pretty betta fish when I go. . . and I always end up feeling terrible for them, but I DO NOT BRING THEM HOME!!! *hugs* I'm teasing you, I hope you know - and you're better than most, but you have to admit it - it's like some weird sickness! I wonder if there are pills that can help fix it for y'all?

This tank just keeps getting better and better! I LOVE your big fat Cories, lol! You're right- they ARE huge! You must feed them well ;) How's that little scrawny one doing? I remember you saying that they were SO shy and you never got to see them, or watch them eat - it *seems* like they're much happier and more active now? I mean. . . they're bouncing around on new arrivals, right??!

Farlow is a really, really neat fish. . . I've never seen them - and you got him at PetSmart??! Huh. . . I wish I could have seen his rite of passage into your tank - wonder what that was all about? FISH ARE SO WEIRD!!! I don't understand them!

Froggies really do love the plants :) Mine do it, too - it makes them happy and *I* think it's adorable! Do you ever get to see them doing their froggy zen thing? OMG, cracks me UP! I'm just a huge lover of those little sweeties :)

I don't blame you for being upset. . . either by having to bring a fish back OR by said fish nipping fins and eating friends. Both options suck, and so does plantless fish-in bucket cycling - which probably would have killed 'em. You did the right thing. No wonder the stupid fish had a red tummy! He need not be trying to eat creatures twice his size! It is disturbing that they just plopped him right back, but. . . that wasn't on you, I'm sure they'll be fine *HUGS* BONUS IS. . . ? You got a purdy betta to help ease the pain!

Isn't it weird how they wax stones? I mean. . . WHY? The ones they sell at PetSmart are actually waxed, too. . . I don't get it?

As for the rocks, it's hard to tell without a full tank shot, but I think they need to be spread out in a more natural way. . . it looks like they were deliberately put - but it likely doesn't matter, as I'm sure they'll shift and settle into a more natural kind of pattern as you do water changes :)

Your tank is looking beautiful, and your little fishy family in there is growing so well! How's your little Mr.TinyFish's fin healing up? Any word on when he'll get some buddies?
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Old 07-15-2012, 09:12 PM   #46
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I think your tank looks absolutely amazing!!
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Old 07-15-2012, 10:30 PM   #47
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Chesh, you caught me. Betta keeping is a serious addiction. I've said so many times on here that I'm DONE with betta fish, NO MORE. But, I guess it just catches people. I'm sure if I had the room and time for water changes I'd have 20 betta myself. Hah. And of COURSE you want to collect them all, there's so many colors how can you NOT want them all?!

Stubby is doing great- he seems to like his omega one pellets, he actually eats them now. He's grown a wee bit I'm pretty sure, he's about the same as the other two smaller ones.
I've noticed the cories are much more active now. I don't know if it's the new tank or what though. In my 10 gallon they mostly stayed behind the driftwood, they still do but they come out more now. Whatever it was that changed them, I'm glad.
The initiation thing is weird alright. Cories are supposed to be playful (don't tell any of the fancy pants science people on here I said that! Playful fish! Pfft!) I guess they were just happy to have a new family member? They're both catfish. xD
The frogs are always in zen mode. It's funny. Actually, they are a lot more active than I would have thought.

Things seem good with the gobies gone. :( Tiny's fins have grown back a wee bit. My dad's taking me to an awesome fish shop this weekend, I'm going to call and ask if they can order me some threadfins by then. The other thing is, with the gobies gone, I finally saw a shrimpie back on the ground! They've been hiding in the hornwort ever since the goboes arrived. Hopefully my momma shrimps babies survive, at least a few.

Yea, the exact same rocks were literally double price at petsmart. I'm not sure if wax is even bad for aquariums? I did pile them together, if I put them over the sand they'll just sink down with water changes, so they have to stay together. I may get another pack and take out some sand and see where that takes me.

PHEW. Long post!
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Old 07-25-2012, 09:57 PM   #48
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Bad news.. Tiny little cory Stubby, seems to have something wrong with him. Like a hole in his head.. but I hope it's not that. :( Anyways, it's late but I have some photos that I'll post tomorrow.
He's always been so small and helpless. I hope he'll be okay.
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Old 07-26-2012, 05:19 AM   #49
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OH NO!!! NO NO NO!!! Why does it always have to be the little guys? *cries*

You know full well that I am in no way qualified to give help in diseases and such, but from what I learned with my sick Ram - That actually would make sense with the symptoms. My ram had a protozoa, which was causing him to stay skinny/small (even though he ate well and seemed normal otherwise). From what I've read, what was happening is that the nutrition was basically being blocked from absorption by his body. Hole-in-the-head is caused by malnutrition, essentially, and is the end-result of such illnesses. My ram was treated with Metronidazole, but - you know better than to treat without a proper diagnosis, and also that Cories have certain limitations as far as medications they can tolerate. . .

:( I REALLY hope he's okay. . .I always get SO attached to the little ones.

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Old 07-26-2012, 06:14 AM   #50
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Aww, not a cute little cory. ;-; You and your fishy have my best wishes.
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