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Olympia's Tanks :)

This is a discussion on Olympia's Tanks :) within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> hopefully it shows up!...

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hopefully it shows up!
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Nice tank! I love the set up! Its shaded and has nice substrate!
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Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
Gahh, they seem so difficult to have. I'm sure he'd get along fine with the goldfish. But, dunno, will keep the tank empty for a while so I can think some more...
Their only real difficulty is the fact that they limit your options with some kinds of fish.
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Long story short I only got 2 because no one else caught my eye. More this weekend hopefully!
They had a rough settling in but I think it was the shock of going into such a big tank, they are getting braver now and looking around. The lionhead is either Porter or Pascal (can't decide! but I'm thinking he is more of a Pascal) and the oranda is Paisley.
Some shots:

They have also become dithers for the buffalo heads, which is an added bonus.
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Sharing this so others can enjoy it:

I totally love your goldies. They are super cute and have such cute faces. Wonderful looking plants too! Will you be using liquid fert?
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Okay, Lympie. . . you WIN! Even with the weird lumpy head Pascal is ADORABLE!!! I love his brownie spots! Paisley is cute, too - I KNEW you wouldn't come home with all 4. I KNEW you'd let them pick you - you're so GOOD! I can't wait to 'meet' the others when they show up.

But MOST importantly (to me)

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo!
I love them, you know. . . I really do! SO happy to finally get to SEE them. . .

Congrats on finally getting that tank UP AND RUNNING! WHOOOOO!!! *HUGS*

Can't wait to see what happens next!
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Heheh yep! I hope those spots stay but goldfish like changing colour! Grr!
Pascal is totally social, comes up to the front and is always moving around all over.
Paisley is more shy, she hides everytime I come up to the tank.
Neither of them will swim up! They stay in the bottom 3 inches of the tank! Grr, hopefully they come out of their shells more!
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They totally will! Give em' a week or two, poor things! Pascal is a SWEETIE! I love him!
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I knew you'd fall for the goldfish!
You probably won't like him when he grows big though!
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They are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! That's it.. I'm getting a lionhead/ranchu.

I hope these guys do keep their adorable colors for you. They're just too cute ^-^

My new little guy stayed near the bottom for weeks, but he was alone. Maybe having a buddy will help them come out of their shells sooner. They also might dislike the bright light. Even goldfish like the shade.
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