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post #11 of 14 Old 08-03-2006, 06:17 PM
i need to change my gravel too
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Wow, great set up! I'm surprised they all get along (angels aren't usually great community fish due to the fact they are cichilds). Don't forget when you change your gravel you will lose your good bacteria; be careful.
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(angels aren't usually great community fish due to the fact they are cichilds)
Being cichlids doesn't mean they are not suitable. A lot of cichlids can be kept in a community. I have angels, blue rams and bolivian rams together in my community. I'm getting discus soon by the way.
Note: Angels will eat anything that fit in their mouths including juvenile neons but not full-grown ones. They are classified as peaceful except only when spawning condition comes.

P.S. My community is more on fish of Amazon origin than the usual different types.
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Lovely fish. Specially the yellow swordtail. You are right black gravel will offset their colour.

Oceane cichlid and cats mostly
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