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New Ropefish

As soon as I spotted this beauty I had to get it, they are one of those fish that dont really come around here often. He/She is close to a foot in lenght and is quite a gentle giant. It fits in perfectly with the bichir. Both always get a bit wild over their blood worms, but other than that they are pretty much getting along fine. As soon as I get the chance to finally get that 29 gallon up and running they will be properly housed. :D
Do forgive the poor quality snapshots. The phone I was using was lent for a little less than 3 minutes so I was in a hurry

Note my Bichir. He was literally in this position for the whole 25 minute acclimation process. Must have been curious

Finally, I got the chance to take but 1 pic. But u can see the bichir is no match for this guys lenght. His tail extends out of the shell

And if u notice Steve and Hana here, I had to remove them from the big tank to keep them from munching on my plants. R.I.P long lost bushy plants :P
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Nice pickup.

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Very tidy JNR, Quite a nice collection now. :D
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going well,hope they get on. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Nice fish.
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unlike other Polypterids, ropefish/reedfish are gregarious and should be kept in groups. kept alone they often pine away and stop eating.
I suggest that you get at least 2 more as soon as possible.

other than that the requirements are the same as other Polypterids, in that
they need a good tight fitting lid and that all holes are blocked up to prevent them 'carpet walking'

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its cute :)

fishie fishie fishie
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Thanks guys. I found out it was female so thats cool. I have a lid, and as soon as I get that 29 going, ill be shure to get another 2-3. More piky-wickys (during remodeling for maximum caves):P

Her size never ceases to amaze me
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New Member
I would get 2 more of them. They look a lot better in groups.
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