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German blue rams need warm (80- 84F), soft water. you will be lucky if you get 6 months out of him. and Gold nugget plecos get way too big for a 20 gallon. Even the keyhole and the Geophagus will need a bigger tank

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no because they all grow to 4 to 5 in even the geo and the nugget will grow to 8 inch but very slow!!
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The people that are responding, are doing so with years of experience, and are posting out of concern for your fish, and your enthusiasm. It is very important that you have a good tank setup with proper fish stocking or your fish will not be as happy, healthy or long lived as they could be.

While some fish DO grow slow, it is still stressful to move them, and the least amount of tank swapping the better. The other concern is that you are counting on being able to afford or have space for a sufficient tank when the fish needs one. Also it is important to realize that the size of a tank is not just dependent on the size of a fish, it is also dependent on it's bioload as well as any territorial issues it may have. 1gal per inch of fish is more often wrong than right.

I wish you the best with your tank and fish, I love rams they are very beautiful fish, which is why I will not own one until I have a proper set up for them. If you have any problems people will be happy to help but the very first response will always be stress due to improper keeping.
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I think the problem may be that you're a follower of the ancient and now-disproven "Inch per gallon" theory. Carnivores and fish with deep bodies (ie, wide fish) need closer to 2 gallons per inch, minimum. Plecos as well. After research though, to what I can see IF you have a true gold nugget "L-18", then about 8 inches is the max. When it gets to about 6 inches, you should start looking for a new tank (or rehouse him).

If you can get a bigger tank, do so.

Bettas are a prime example of fishkeeping- They live for about 2-3 years in the wild before being eaten, killed etc. So people assume that's their max life span, and brag when their betta lives 3 years in a jar.

(I forgot the university..) did a study where they kept a Betta in a 20 gallon, pristine water, quality live foods, and even chased it around with a net to give it cardio exercise everyday. Guess how long it lived? Just about 11 years. (There's another study being run now, and he's going strong at 9 years. We'll see.)

Everyone else though-
making fun of the OP or repeating the same things that have been said isn't going to help anyone. Encourage, and maybe OP'lll come around. eventually.
The last thing we wanna do is drive off the OP (I've seen it happen many, many times.)

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thanks guys but i think they will thrive.
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For real.....if you ask for advice and ask questions of people who have much much more experience than you...and you refuse to listen to answers or heed advice....then frustration and dead fish will be your reward...i hope you start to listen soon
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Redchigh you have a point but there is a difference in those that make mistakes and learn from them and go on to learn more, then there are those that never learn and are not trying to learn and there for there fish suffer for it. You can often tell the difference by looking back at previous post by the same person so all I have to say is I am so glad I am not one of this guys fish. : (

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Geophagus cichlids should be kept in a 55 gallon minimum
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The OP is a lost cause. Spend your time helping other who listen and correct their mistakes. This is a waste of time with th OP.
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