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Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I thought I would reply to some of the posts!

First of I'd like to thank everyone for their warm comments, they mean a lot, because as all of you know, it takes quite a bit of work to keep aquariums looking ship shape!

As for the camera, it is a 4 year old Nikon DSLR, a Nikon D70 to be exact. I have been shooting for almost 8 years now, so I have had quite a bit of practice :) Honestly, you can take shots like mine with practically any camera you choose, it just takes knowing how to use it!
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missed this thread the first time, but you tank, before and after, are my favorite freshwater community tanks I've ever seen. Simply Awesome.

46 Gal. Bow Front
-Blood Red Parrot (orange)
-Green Terror
-Jack Dempsey
-Blood Parrot (yellow)
-Large Gold Gourami

10G Community
3 White Skirt Tetra
3 Black Skirt Tetra
1 Otto
1 Rainbow Shark
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Do you have a little friend that likes to sit at the top of your thermometer from time to time? lol
Is that a shrimp?

My 5foot, 56g Tank
2 Madagascar, 2 Bosemi and 1 Millenium Rainbowfish
9 Tiger Barbs
1 Weater Loach, 6 Zebra Loaches
1 Rainbow Shark
1 Raphael Catfish
My 55g
1 Siamese Algae Eater
11 Otocinclus
4 Burmese Zebra Loaches
1 Black Angelfish
1 Banjo Catfish
Lots of shrimp
My 70g
1 Siamese Algae Eater
4 Peppered Corydora, 1 Green Corydora
2 Wood Shrimp
3 Red Eye Tetra
1 Raphael Catfish
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Yes it is! I posted a video in another thread that really shows off the shrimp well. Youtube seemed to lower the saturation of the colours, he is in fact a lot more red/orange than he is in the video!
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Wow! That looks really amazing! It does give it a more natural beauty! Are all the plants fake? They look great in there! What kinds of fish are they??


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Very Nice setup, I really like the new substrate as well
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