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New betta

I was with my friend at our lfs yesterday, as we were both shopping around for female bettas, and wouldn't you know it, I came home with a male. It was actually my friend who pointed him out, and I fell in love with him. I've always loved the spidery look of the fins on male crowntails, and I especially love the black tips on this guy.

So, it is my pleasure to introduce Orpheus. I did some moving around, so now he's in the five gallon in my room, and I moved the girls, the sparkling gouramis and the male guppy into the ten gallon.

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Beautiful betta! My lfs only sells male veiltails.... poor me.

I saw in your tank blurb that you have a female betta with a pair of sparkling gourami. I've been thinking about adding a sparkling gourami to my 5 gallon with my little female betta, but I wasn't sure if they would be compatible. Have you had any issues keeping them together? I've never owned one before, but I thought that one or two would be okay in a 5 gallon (which will soon be planted). Do you think they'd be okay in a 5 gallon?
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Thanks, he really stood out to me in the store.

I haven't seen a problem between the gouramis and the bettas. They've all lived together for a few months now and there haven't been any problems. I'm always watching for nipped tails or chasing, of course, but everyone is getting along.

All of my research prior to buying mine told me that a pair would be fine in a five gallon tank. If you do get any, ask yourself first if you would be able to separate them if any quarreling happened in the future. I knew that I would be able to keep the bettas and the gouramis in separate tanks if problems occurred.
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Great looking fish there, the texture and color as you say is spot on! All the best, Jon
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Thanks, although the pictures really don't do him justice. :) He probably knows it, too. Thinks he's prettier than my girls.
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i love the colors he is gorgeous
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