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new aquisitions and some updates!

As some of you may remember I've been intending to get some corys for my 15 gallon tank for ages, but things kept coming up and I kept putting it off....
First I'll just give you a little update on how my tank's going. A little while ago I got a crypt and some lilaeopsis (i think that's how you spell it) and the crypt is thriving amazingly in the low light conditions...the lilaeopsis slightly less so, but it's certainly alive.
I think last time i posted on here I was having trouble with my newly acquired glowlight tetras nipping the fins of my pre-existing cherry barbs. I am happy to say that they all get along fine now. I have to be careful because the barbs are prone to fin rot and I've had to treat them for that a few times when I've accidentally forgotten to turn the heater back on after a water change and the water has gone cold..

Recently I cleaned out my garden pond (it now has three gorgeous goldfish in it), took out the masses of elodea that had grown in it and discarded the less healthy plants. I kept the nicest specimens and put some in my main tank and some in a large plastic tub of water in my garden.
For a while I've been wanting to get another female betta. The other day it was really hot and I'd gone out to the tub of elodea to get some of the pond snails that were living in it, to put in my main tank to eat the algae. I was amazed when I put my hand in the water and it was incredibly hot - hotter than the water in my tropical tank. (It had been sitting in the sun). It occurred to me that with the vast amount of elodea creating lots of oxygen, and the warmth of the sun, it wouldn't be a bad environment to keep a betta in. So today I went to the pet shop to get a female betta.

This pet shop is one I would NEVER normally buy fish from. Whenever I go in there most of the fish that have been there for more than a week are lying on the bottom of the tank dying. But they often have a lot of beautiful female bettas, and i like to rescue them and take them home before they suffer a similar fate. last time I bought a fish there it was a little betta I named Flame, and have posted pictures of on here. this time instead of buying one of the brightly coloured, slightly longer-finned bettas that looked a lot like Flame, I chose a pale, striped betta with blue edges on its fins because I actually really liked her delicate colouring. While I was there I saw a shoal of some of the nicest, healthiest looking peppered corys I've ever seen. I never thought I would be buying corys from THAT pet shop, but I came home with 5 of them, along with the betta. They are adorable.
Because it's cooler today and raining, I decided to clean up my 6 gallon tank and put the betta in that rather than put her outside. She has now changed colour from pale and stripy to a velvety dark brown, almost black, with blue irridescence. (Flame was also colourless when I bought her, but once I got her home and she relaxed her colours became stunning.) Her tank is right next to the main tank and she seems to get a lot of entertainment out of watching the other fish through the glass.

Here are some pictures.. I apologise for the dreadful photography. fish are SO hard to photograph
If any betta experts could tell me what variety of betta they think she might be I'd appreciate case the photos aren't clear enough, she's a velvety dark chocolate sort of colour, with blue iridescence, and clear fins with blue edges. I'm also trying to think of a - preferably colour-related - name for her...when I bought her I was thinking something like Sapphire, but now her colours have changed so much I'm not sure. I'm open to suggestions

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Congrats on finding the corys. I love watching them them most in my community tank.

As for your cute little girlie, how about Cocoa?

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Originally Posted by Romad View Post
Congrats on finding the corys. I love watching them them most in my community tank.

As for your cute little girlie, how about Cocoa?
thankyou, i've decided to call her 'saphir' which is french for sapphire, but i might change my mind lol!
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Shes pretty I love the way the tip of her fins are a different color than her body.

Kindest Regards,

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Originally Posted by Calmwaters View Post
Shes pretty I love the way the tip of her fins are a different color than her body.
yeah she's gorgeous, I think she might be a mustard gas betta or at least have a little bit of MG in her, with those clear fins with blue edges :)
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