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i did a search on it and found them here, at least i guess this is it. LOL i'm going to look around more and probably buy one being they look so neat.

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sorry i had no idea people were responding to the post anymore. anyway, yes that is the volcano. it is a bit expensive but it really cool and a bit different. it also a bubbler so it is good for the tank too.

as far as the agression, i feel it has to do with the mixing im doing with all different kinds of cichlids but im hoping it works out. they do have awsome colors. i did have to get rid of the big electric blue ahli. i believe he was the one who ripped the fins of the others to shreds. he also would chase the ruby red peacock around constantly. it started to get real bad after the video was taken. so i got rid of him.

i got a good colored tropheus moori in his place. i hear they are aggressive too but he real little now. i hope since there is only one of him he might be ok as he grows.

as far as the tank, a bigger tank is in my future...too bad cause this one is brand new.
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So you'll have two tanks instead of one. What's wrong with that???

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i have never really been a cichlid guy but those fish are beautiful. How big are those fish? Well, Congratulations!!!


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The orange one is a male kenyi (malawi)
The light blue one with stripes is a female kenyi (malawi)
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thank you everyone! they are not too big. the biggest are the electric blue and the ruby red peacock. they are about 4 1/2 in. the rest are smaller. i recently had to get rid of the big elec. blue, he was beating the heck out of all the other fish. he got too aggressive all of a sudden. i guess he figured out he was the strongest fish. i replaced him with a little tropheus. the little guy is cool...ill post some pics later on.
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I think your tank would look even better than it already does with a solid black background....

Your wallpaper won't show and your fish's colours will stand out....and the heater and pumps won't show as much...

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the tank and fishes are awesome but i agree with aunt kymmie the tore and ripped fins i would consider a problem.
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yeas a black background is something for me to consider.

the ripped fins are getting better no the aggression level is not as high now since i got rid of the electric blue. however, they are cichlids and have their aggressive manner but it is not nearly as bad.

you get rid of one and another seems to take over though. lol!
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Nicely colored up fish. You will have that aggression with those fish.... it comes natural for them, but it will diminish some with a whole lot more caves, wood and hiding places. I have no problem with the volcano other than it's not helping the fish any. They'd do better with a lot more caves.
PVC pipe is not the most attractive stuff in the world but can be put under the rocks and hid in different areas to give more caves which they would appreciate more than a decoration.
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