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New Additions to My tank!

This is a discussion on New Additions to My tank! within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Originally Posted by Boredomb Thanks everyone! The rams pretty much leave each other alone. Most of the time they swim n different parts of ...

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New Additions to My tank!
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Originally Posted by Boredomb View Post
Thanks everyone! The rams pretty much leave each other alone. Most of the time they swim n different parts of the tank with little interaction with each other but if there is some it is peaceful. I was told they were both males but they could be wrong. How do you tell male from female other then interaction?
The German Blue long-fin is a man-made variety, not the true wild species. With the latter, the first 3 rays of the dorsal fin are black and greatly extended (arching over the back in some fish) compared to the female, and the female has a distinct pink belly. Wild fish are also extremely colourful. You have the German Blue form, and I honestly don't know what specific traits these might have; as all fins are extended the dorsal trait may not be reliable. The heightened blue colouration was specifically developed by selective breeding.

Males of this species do not normally tolerate each other's presence; they will continually try to "push" each other out of their areas. Females do not generally do this, in fact rarely. Here again, this is with wild fish, although I have observed this behaviour in tanks of German Blue rams in stores. The video was comparatively short, and only once or twice were the two rams in fairly close proximity, and then I did not see any territorial aggression as I would certainly have seen with two wild males.
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Okay thanks Byron. I might one day try and get a better video of their interaction. Today I noticed they are more relaxed and coming out of the plants. So it might be easier to get a video.
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