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new 10 gal

hi ppl.i just set up this 10 gal in record time.i plan on keeping 2 dwarf gouramis in it along with 4 neons.i want my fish to be happy so im open to suggestions.

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Nice pictures!

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they are right there

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very nice i jsut bought the same exact tank tonight.. for 30 bucks! And boy are they ever small after you have had a 20 gallon.. LOL...
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same hood to? im guessing you bough it from walmart.if you do have the same hood than watchout because the clear plastic light guards tend to fall off.

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same hood here.i ripped mine i altered it cause the plastic ones didnt feel right. also when i was trying to grow massive plants i placed a 45 watt bulb. the energy star ones and the right side where the little holes are melted. still good though :P
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yea that hood is kinda junky,i just bought a new one.

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yeah i ripped my light guards off too. if i were you id buy a background, it really cheap for a 10 gallon and they come pre-cut at walmart but it makes your fish tank so much better! also maybe a cave? or some pvc covered with rocks for coverage? theres a cave in the 10 gallon my three spotted gourami is in, he usually stays at the top so i thought hed never use it, but sure enough i turned on the light at night real quick to show my sister my fish and he was down sleeping in the dark cave :D
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i went to walmart and got me a 55 gallon for $150 :)

i <3 fish
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hey assault i bought ym 55 from there too! there pretty good in the longrun, though i found it a little hard to find filter pads
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