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My very first tank - a 55 gallon 22 inhabitants

Ok - let me say that this is the very first bulletin board I have bothered to post to and that this tank and the fish are cared for with great labor. I am not sure if everything I have done is correct - but I hope so. The tank is 55 gallons, there are 7 tiger barbs ( 4 standard, 3 green ) two red dwarf gouramis, two powder dwarf gouramis, one neon gourami, one pearl gourami, one opal gouramis, one gold gouramis, one pink kissing gourami, 4 giant danios, 1 very lucky minnow, and one pleco. All plants are real and all decorations are natural. I really have strived to create a good enviroment for these guys. I have had the tank a little over three months and this is the result of my labor. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

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that looks pretty pretty, it looks neat with all the gouramis

fishie fishie fishie
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Welcome to, Jay.

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Thanks for your kind words Meg and Lupin. The whole aquarium in the home is a new concept. I rather enjoy watching these guys socialize after a hard days work. I adopted the tank, stand, filtration, a south georgia brim, 3.5" comic goldfish and lighting ballasts for 50 dollars. I have had ich in the tank and have read the article on "texas remedy for ich parasite" - does salt really work? I used coppersafe. And currently the tank has a high nitrate level 80ppm + after two tiger barbs have completely vanished ( I originally had 9 barbs - the 2 smallest have vanished ). No sign of their bodies. Hmm. Otherwise the tank and the fish seem well.
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hi and welcome,
looks lovely,any chance of a full tank shot ?(don't mean to be rude)
have you done a water change ?
i always do extra changes when i have lost fish,as they decompose in the
water real quick,and turn the water,and raise the toxins.
have you got any other readings at all ?
i love the gouramis by the way. :)
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it's really nice

55 Gallon Aquarium
1 Black Kuhli Loach
3 Black Skirt Tetras
4 Angelfish (3 Marble, 1 Gold)
1 Glass Fish
2 Blue Sunset Gourami
3 African Dwarf Frog
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