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My Setup- Please comment

I am starting a 29 gallon planted tank. I am putting in HB Pastel guppies, so I'm using only plants from Asia or SE Asia to make it look like home.

-Monosolenium tenerum
-Microsorum pteropus
-Rotala rotundifolia
-Limnophila sessiflora
-Hygrophila polysperma
-H. difformis
-H. corymbosa
-Riccia fluitans (attached to driftwood)


-2 units Nutrafin Natural Plant System

I have 2x 24" fluorescent hoods. What would be the best and cheapest way to achieve at least 75 watts?

What is the best all-around fertilizer to use?

Should I use Eco-Complete instead of Seachem Fluorite or Onyx sand?


You so cool.
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Your aquarium sounds beautiful, dasmall1! I find fish alone are difficult enough to take care of. Do live plants present much of an additional challenge?
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I have not actually set this tank up yet. I'm still making a good plan which is the most important thing you can do when making an aquarium. This will be my first serious planted tank. My first one, I just had normal gravel, put some plants in, and experimented. I find that live plants are twice the challenge of keeping fish alive.

You so cool.
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Live plants are not that hard to take care of at all. Unless you have a heavily planted tank, It can sometimes be a hassle. Plants help with nitrate problems also, they take in a lot of nitrate to keep it down low. They also look way better than fake plants. Hope it helps


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hope u post pics when u set it up
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