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My Nursery Tank Update 2/3/13

Well, here you go. Some of my babies are getting pretty big! I also have some newer babies: Some gold platies and some guppies. Few types of guppy babies in there, only a couple are really big enough to see though. lol
As you can see from some of my other videos, I don't have as many baby mollies and swordtails anymore, and less calico platies as well. Someone came and bought about thirty of each from me. ^_^ But I got more. xD

There are also some shots of my ten gallon QT tank, and a little footage of my 55 gallon, but my camera unfortunately ran out of memory before I could show off all my fish and finish my sentence. lol I was wanting to show off my long-finned bristlenose pleco, but eh. =(

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Awesome video!! Let this be evidence to every fish keeper who chooses to keep fry in a fry net! Ever watched fry in a fry net? Bored out of their little minds I would say!! But give a fish some room to swim and they will. These guys look like they are having loads of fun!! Good job Sylverclaws.
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I certainly hope so! I used to keep them in a net when I didn't have a nursery tank, but you can only keep them in there for so long, even if you only have a few. The adults would pick on them even when they're too big for eating, but it was -usually- ok. I'm still trying to get the plants to flourish and grow more, most of them are new plants though, I am sure they'll pep up quickly. x)
In a big clean tank with a lot of plants to mosey around in, they grow so fast! And nice bright colors too. =p I give them baby brine shrimp a few times per week along with mixed veggies and algae, it just goes to show how much better good food, clean water and space is for little ones.
I'm currently trying to make more room. I'm going to give away my female betta sorority, they were supposed to have the twenty gallon the babies are in, but they don't much like my planted ten gallon, it's too small. All that work for nothing, but that's ok. It's a nice working sorority, so maybe someone will want them. So I'll have room for raising a few more of these babies to adulthood. lol

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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