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I am really not sure, I have not found any info on breeding them in an aquarium, that would be nice though.

Enjoy those waves today! A two inch wave would probably knock me over!
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Awesome looking tank, very nice job of aquascaping.......Love the fish too!............Just a quick question, are you running a heater in their tank?.........Also, is that a red tiger lotus plant in the front, on the left of your tank?
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Hello fishin pole.
Thank you.
The darters are coldwater fish, no heater in the tank.
The plant is sold at my lfs as a dwarf lilly, kind of a generic name, not sure of the real name for it.
I also have one in another 10 gal that has been with me longer. They grow quickly, always sending shoots up to the water line.
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post #14 of 24 Old 07-29-2009, 06:29 PM
Nice fish. These are on my want list. There are a lot of streams only a couple miles from my house that have like 100 of rainbow daters. I would keep them, but I am not allowed another tank.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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post #15 of 24 Old 07-30-2009, 09:38 AM
Awesome tank, yo made the 10 gallon tank look so spacious!!! Great Camera! and to mikaila31, that is awesome!!! Theres nothing like that where i live
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post #16 of 24 Old 08-02-2009, 02:40 AM
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you've done a wonderfull job with your tank,it's really
the fish are sweet too,i don't htink i've ever seen anything like those
in any of the lfs i got to.
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I love the creativity, the set up, the environment. Awesome specimens, they look like they are thriving.
Great work!
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Thanks Steveston3. Now that I have had them a while, they have colored up even more.
They are becoming one of my favorites. They are even more attentive than my DP, always watching me.
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AWESOME looking tank!!!!! Love the moss balls and the banana plant. You have a green thumb!
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post #20 of 24 Old 08-12-2009, 06:43 PM
I'm curious what temp are you keeping them at? Here in WI we have a lot of spring fed creeks and rivers. I know of over a dozen natural springs withing a mile of my house. I went on a walk today and decided to just walk down the middle of a creek. I could only keep my feet in the water for a minuet max. It was so %@!# cold that it hurt. I'm kinda impressed the fish live in such cold conditions. I ended up wearing my shoes in the water.

These fish live up to there name too. They are not easy to net. I've never caught an adult, its always young ones.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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