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My new Twig Catfish & Vid of my setup.

75g Community Tank. This is the latest change up, it got really plant heavy at one point so I thinned it up a bit. Would love feedback:

YouTube - My New Twig Catfish "Farlowella Acus"

YouTube - More Fish Tank Shots

YouTube - More of My Fish Tank in HD <---- had the macro on so the focus doesnt kick in untill a few seconds in. oops!
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LOVE the farowella. It's on my "someday" list. I really like your tank, nice set up. :)

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wow aint he a cutie :)
nice tank.
will he take much looking after ?

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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i just purchased a farlowella yesterday! had never seen one before and happened upon him randomly while i was purchasing a rock for my 46 gal. he's a really cool addition.

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46 gal bowfront freshwater - 2 Opaline and 2 Gold Gouramis, 3 Pink Kissing Gouramis, 3 Golden Dojo Loaches (Weather Loaches), 3 Assorted Angelfish, and a Farlowella.
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From what I have read, the Farowella may be a chore when it comes to keeping them fed because of there odd shape itmay become an issue to scavange off the bottom of a gravel bottom, but I'm going to give it a shot. Ive read people have had them for up to ten years in some cases.

I just took some more video last night. of one of my snails hitchin a ride on another snail.

YouTube - A Snail hitching a ride on another snail.
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Great looking tanks! Nice fish!

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