My new neon tetras
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My new neon tetras

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My new neon tetras

Day 15 of my tank and this will be the thread for all the new updates!!
So i brought 10 Neon Tetras for 1o but wheni got home i had 11! They are very cool to watch....
They seem to have made little groups inside the one main group.

Hears the video.
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fish joey's Avatar are getting lots of color!!!!!!! very nice.....I love my neons!!!!! dont they have homework in England?.......seems like your always on this forum
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Cause we have home work!! Im on here most of the time coz im passionate about my fish! Got a baby mollie and a tiny red tailed shark today vid being uploaded!
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Your red tail shark is going to out grow your tank. If I were you which I am not I would return it and get another type of fish instead unless you are planning on up gradeing to at least a 55 gallon tank soon. I know you said hes tiny right now but he will grow and haveing a tank to small will only stunt his growth and shorten his life. You can read more about them here:

Red Tail Shark
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Yes i know i know i picked him coz he was so cute! When he gets a good size he is either going back or to my friends tank...

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You are getting a lot of variety...can you please get a piece of poster board for a backgound so we can see the fish better.....
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Gotta love the neons! Your tank is looking nice too. Lots of great color going on. :)
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Thank you!! And i will try to get a black backing trying atm but got no money!!!!
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Heres a few pics of my Opaline Gourami and 2 new baby mollies!
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