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alot of you guys have NO idea what its like netting a fish from a saltwater reef tank stocked heavy with corals. lets put it this way, once the fish is in, its in... until everything else around it comes out.
the 2 net thing that 1077 said is prob. going to be your best offense. maybe you should drain 50%, net what you need to and replace some of the water? or even some new water and call it a water change?

anyways beautiful looking tank! thanks mom! in your next set of pictures could you do a close up of your wood? it looks pretty sweet. that came with the tank?
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It's about time I got to see a picture And YOU of all people don't provide us with any close-ups? I'm shocked. Would love to see that awesome piece of driftwood you nabbed, too! All jokes aside, it really looks great, Kym. All that time you took to pick your plants really paid off. You did an amazing job aquascaping.

I agree with lowering the water level by about 50% and using a large net to catch them. Easier said than done, I know. Perhaps you can recruit a boyfriend to help...
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moms are the best.great looking tank how many tanks do you have now.i have a garage full of empty 55gs and 20gs for some reason lol.your tanks always amaze me what do you use as im adopting another tiger shovle nose that has not eaten for weeks and lives in dirty water with a gar.
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I've already done the 50% lowering of water, with the two nets. These *insert expletive here" fish have figured out all they have to do is crowd themselves into the corners behind the driftwood and plants and wait for a perfectly timed jump and they have all escaped my two net method as they just go up and over. I've never seen anything like it.
The red LED flashlight I used at night, a few hours after the tank lights had been off. They were too smart for that move.
Today I will do as Inga did and buy a HUGE net. The two nets that I have, one is an adult size discus net so I certainly thought that one would have been big enough!
(Puntius Denisonii and Crossocheilus siamensis can jump and flip like nobody's business) I will take Lisa's advice and enlist the help of another set of hands.

amberjade: I'm 51(!) and my mom still does these things for me. She rocks!
lisa: The lack of close ups is due to failing of the camera battery, it's charging now.
1077: I've now uttered all those bad words too!
onefish: yep, thank god this isn't a saltwater tank or it would be a total breakdown, no question.
Jeaninel, kitten, Romad, Inga, Johnny..thanks for your kind comments.

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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Kym, maybe removing the driftwood would help, too. The less they have to hide behind and in betwen, the easier it might be for you and your other set of hands .
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I agrre, take out the DW and lower the water some more, little buggers will run out of places to run *or swim*

“The space between the tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more...."-- Dave Matthews
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For me to getting the same gift from my mom would be a small miracle. What lovely tank and a loving mother.
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My parents just don't get my animal obsession - well, my dad does to a point. Not even hubby understands why I get all these animals. LOL

As long as hubby doesn't mind me collecting animals, it's all good! He figures if I take care of them all and he doesn't have to, it's no big deal. :)

Still - it would be nice if family would listen and help me feed my addiction! LOL

Ah, the serenity......nothing more relaxing or beautiful to look at than fish gliding around their tank......
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My wife got me a new tank for my birthday.She has no interest in my hobby but it's always great when they recognize it's something you love and support you.

Your's truly,
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Originally Posted by bones14 View Post
My wife got me a new tank for my birthday.She has no interest in my hobby but it's always great when they recognize it's something you love and support you.
Wow, congratuations to you too Lee! Look like everyone have great Birthday presents!
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